Nokia needs a partner to resume making smartphones

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The rumours have been flying all over the internet: Nokia will come back with a bang next year. Then they denied the reports, before tuning back to confirm they will make smartphones again. I believe they were dilly-dallying till Microsoft writes off their Nokia acquisition, before they make any strong statement of returning to make smartphones.


But hey, we all knew that come what may, Nokia would definitely re-enter the smartphone space. What’s different now is that they will outsource the manufacturing, distribution, sales and customer support to another company, just like they did with the Nokia N1 tablet through Foxconn.

In an official statement yesterday, Robert Morlino, spokesman for Nokia Technologies :

If and when we find a world-class partner who can take on those responsibilities, we would work closely with them to guide the design and technology differentiation, as we did with the Nokia N1 Android tablet. That’s the only way the bar would be met for a mobile device we’d be proud to have bear the Nokia brand, and that people will love to buy.

As part of the deal with Microsoft, they cannot officially start designing smartphones until the fourth quarter of 2016. So there’s ample time to pick out a good partner to help achieve this dream. Meanwhile, we’re heavily expectant to see what next Nokia comes up with.


  1. You know what, that Nokia tablet went so under the radar. When was it released and where?

  2. @Diakon, that sounds like another N9/Meego thing. This new(ish) Nokia don’t seemed to have learned about this publicity thing from their past.

    All the hoopla they made about this thing and then only quietly released it in one country?

  3. Maybe they’re still in negotiations, waiting until the Nokia brand is truly back in their hands before inking the contract.

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