Nokia (not Microsoft Mobile) makes an Android launcher

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Nokia Inc, has developed Z launcher, an intelligent launcher for the Android platform. This is not Microsoft Mobile, but Nokia, the one whose mobile devices unit was sold to Microsoft (I told you they were still in the mobile business). Note the difference.

From the Z launcher blog:

As soon as you install and start using Z Launcher, it starts learning what you use throughout the day and automatically surfaces whatever you’re most likely to need at the right moment.

We also added a feature called Scribble – a fast and fun way to find anything on your phone in as little as one second. We’re used to tapping away at our phones to find things – rooting through folders, swiping and scrolling.

Scribble makes this easier: Simply draw the first letter of what you’re looking for, right on your screen. Ta da! Z Launcher brings you the right app, contact, or task practically instantaneously. Or, as we like to say, less tapping, more apping.

Z Launcher is currently optimized for popular devices including Nexus 5, Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Moto X, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z1. We are currently supporting English language markets. I have tried installing it on the HTC Desire 816 that I am reviewing, without any luck.


I finally got it to download and install on the Desire 816. I have set it as my default launcher and will use it for a while. Here is a screenshot off the 816:
Zlauncher HTC Desire 816

The ability to search for anything – contacts, files and apps – on the phone by just scribbling on the display is interesting. I am just beginning to play with it, so watch out for my thoughts later.

Do give it a try if you have any of the listed or other Android smartphone and share your experiences below. Note that the app is still a pre-beta release.

From your Android phone, visit where you will see a link to download Z Launcher directly to your phone. Tap to begin the download.


  1. Haha, according to Z Launcher, it isn’t supporting rooted devices at this time. Apparently the Nokia X falls into this category!

  2. Kinda funny sha…a Nokia launcher that doesn’t support a Nokia device. Nice

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