Nokia now sells more Lumias than BlackBerry sells phones?

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As at last year, I had said here on MOBILITY that if BlackBerry continued along the path they were walking, Windows Phone would take the number 3 spot in smartphone OS marketshare. Not only has that now happened, but Nokia alone (who ship over 80% of all Windows Phone smartphones in circulation) are now reported as shipping more Lumias than BlackBerry sells phones. I don’t have the raw figures, but the Verge reports that “just one year ago, BlackBerry was selling almost two phones for every one Lumia Nokia sold.”

Can you see how the picture has changed drastically? Here is a chart drawn up by The Verge to illustrate the situation:
Lumia versus BlackBerry

By the way, if it is true that Nokia shipped 7.4 million Lumias last quarter, then things are looking up for them. I just wish that it didn’t have to go this way for BlackBerry.

Anyway, wishes and horses… go read the Verge article here.

Images: Sourced also from same Verge article.

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