Whenever I read news of mobile phone manufacturers releasing new devices, it is a little frustrating because none of those devices are available by pre-order

Nokia puts Nigeria on the Map; Nokia N8 available by Pre-order

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Whenever I read news of mobile phone manufacturers releasing new devices, it is a little frustrating because none of those devices are available by pre-order from Nigeria. But I am so glad that all this is about to change.

According to today’s edition of The Guardian Newspaper, Nokia is set to release the much anticipated Nokia N8 phone to Nigeria and even better is the fact that it can be pre-ordered right from here. Nokia’s head of Communications West Africa, Mr. Osagie Ogunbor, has stated that the N8 smartphone would first be available to premium consumers who place a pre-order for the N8 online or at Nokia retail stores. In the same statement by Ogunbor, he noted that Nokia’s premium customers would first get the handset before it becomes available to the general market.


Early adopters who wish to own the phone early can pre-order online using their ATM card at www.quickteller.com/nokian8. The N8 pre-order will set back your bank account by just N79,999.00. For a high-specified device like the N8, that sounds like a deal!

Apart from having the latest version of the latest Ovi store and free Ovi maps services, GTBank customers will also be able to perform virtually all their banking transactions from their N8.

The Nokia N8 is a multi-media monster with features that include the sleeker Symbian^3 user interface, multi-touch support and true multi-tasking. Ogunbor also explained some of the unique qualities of the handset which he dubbed “the world’s best camera phone”.

“The Nokia N8 lets you take the highest quality photos and shoot HD-quality videos in supreme clarity with the 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. You can edit photos and videos on-screen and choose from multiple ways to share them; transfer large files to an external hard-drive with USB-on-the-go, or upload photos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter straight from the home screen. All this is delivered in a robust aluminum body in a range of vibrant colors with a real-glass 3.5” AMOLED display,” Ogunbor added.

I believe this is very good news. With Nokia seriously embracing the Nigerian market, other manufacturers like Apple or Android phone manufacturers like HTC may soon have a presence in the most popular country in Africa. Nokia’s timely action today in my opinion is a harbinger of more good things to come!


  1. When i saw it yesterday in the papers with a pre-order value of 79,999, I was like OMG.

    I would have provided for this pre-order if I knew it was coming (PLS who knows when the pre-order will close), because this could be the best price one will get Nokia N8 for a long while.

    This is a new beginning and lets hope other manufactures follow suite.

    Kudos to Nokia and GTB.

  2. Really sweet news. Really great news!

    Nokia knows it has to further strengthen its grip on the African mobile market, especially Nigeria. Brilliant move!

    For me, N80,000 IS a real bargain for this awesome device. I was expecting prices of 100k – 120k. I remember when the N95 was released for about 95k.

    I’ve used Symbian for 3 years. Been enjoying my Samsung Wave with bada OS, but I really miss the familiarity of Symbian. Long live Nokia in Africa!!

  3. Nonso: How come your post’s device tag comes with Nokia N8?
    Spacyzuma: How is the Samsung wave? I’ve been thinking of buying that device after my Nokia 5800 but haven’t met someone using it before. Is it a good choice? How would you Grade the phone?

    Has anyone preordered Nokia N8 yet? When will it be delivered to preorder customers?

  4. @Nonso O – Congrats on your N8. How’s the phone and its performance? Are you gonna write a review for it?

    @Kenjnr – I’m really enjoying the phone o! I’ve had it for almost a month now. There are a few things I’d like to see straightened, but I’d grade it with 9/10.
    I was working on a review during the first 2 weeks, but work and other things occupied my time. I’ll try to finish the review this weekend and mail it to Yomi for publication here.

    About the N8, I tried ordering/paying for it online yesterday. The total amount is N80,099 and the site accepts Interswitch, Verve and Mastercard. After entering all my card details, it gave an error about MAXIMUM WITHDRAWAL AMOUNT EXCEEDED. This happened several times. I went to my bank for more info, and was told that the maximum amount withdrawable from my Verve Debit card was 60,000.

    I wonder why the website/interswitch would allow a product to be listed for payment via credit/debit card when it costs more than one can pay online. I sent emails to the Quickteller email address and the Nokia representative listed on the site. They havent replied me yet.

  5. @spacyzuma

    Dont blame the website/interswitch, its your Bank.

    First, have you upgraded to Verve card or do you still use the old magnetic cards for ATM.

    With my Stanbic IBTC ATM Verve card, the limit is 100,000.

    And in the news paper publication i saw places like Nokia Shop and Slot where you can also make pre-orders.

  6. the fault must be from my oceanic bank bcos i just got the new verve card a month ago.
    @Yomi- i dont have a gtb account

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