Yes; Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile hardware division. Yes; Microsoft will eventually phase out the Nokia brand from its phones and devices. But for crying out

Nokia remains perhaps the most powerful company in mobile

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Yes; Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile hardware division. Yes; Microsoft will eventually phase out the Nokia brand from its phones and devices. But for crying out loud, how does that mean that the Nokia brand is dead?

Nokia Lives

There is a parent Nokia corporation that is very healthy and financially prosperous. It is still involved in mobile – mobile infrastructure (Nokia Networks), mobile apps, and mobile services (Nokia HERE, and Nokia Advanced Technologies). Nokia is still alive and well in mobile – and kicking ass. Nokia still owns the vast majority of mobile patents and so still raking in huge cash from almost everyone in mobile. That includes Apple and Samsung, the two current giants in mobile. Samsung just licensed HERE maps and services for both its wearables and its Galaxy range of smartphones.

Let’s cut out the crap. The most insane lie told in recent times is that Nokia is dead. They were never close to dying. Yes; the smartphone division was in trouble (note I said smartphone, not even the entire phone division, because Nokia was still making tons of money from its feature phones). They’ve sold off those bits anyway. And Nokia stands. Nokia lives. Nokia, the silent but ever present giant.

And guess what, some day, just some day, Nokia might just get back in the hardware game after their terms with Microsoft expires. But hardware or not, Nokia lives in mobile. Truth is, they are probably still the most powerful company in mobile on the planet. The joke is on everyone else.

Yes; I am a Nokia fanboy, but there is not one untruth in this entire article. Deal with it. Nokia is alive and well.


  1. Yes; I am a Nokia fanboy

    Now, it is officially official.

    Of course Nokia is dead / was dying. To most people, Nokia is synonymous with handsets. The big grammar about the other things they are involved with is just that… big grammar.

    They made the bulk of their money from handset sales.

    Their meteoric rise is directly attributable to the hundreds of millions of hamdsetd sold over a decade, while their precipitous fall coincided directly with mass abandonment of the Symbian platform for Android / iOS

    Talking about the money they are raking in terms of “passive income” from patents… if that was so massive and sufficient, why were they receiving handouts from Microsoft .. to stay afloat..and a mole-of-a-CEO imposed… until the Mobile Division was eventually Bought ?

    The argument that the Mobile division is the only portion depressed is lightweight.

    It’s like saying that Microsoft’s Xbox division is losing money, and is receiving handouts from Samsung, while the rest of Microsoft is buoyant.

    That logic simply stinks.

    If a division is losing you Money, and your whole organization is generally pristine, you don’t go about receiving stipends (leading to a hostile buyout). You prop up the loss_making division with funds from the other profitable divisions, while you seek to stem the losses, or simply sell the lossy division, or simply close down that division.

    Perhaps MOverick is forgetting that Nokia laid off staff in droves, sold its headquarters and rented it back… as a tenant?.

    Doesn’t sound much like a company raking in lots of cash there..

    The same kind of “Nokia is Alive” argument can be made regarding Blackberry. But it would just be equally as wobbly.

  2. Probably alive but not as relevant as they used to or as much as their fanboys would want then to be. Yeah, there’s a very big chance they could still come back into mobile hardware business but please Mr. Mo, I would rather you advice they well this time.

    Android is the only mobile blood transfusion they need to have a chance of staying alive in mobile hardware. Of course it doesn’t come by folded hands but I know Nokia have what it takes to really shine with Android infusion or transfusion.

    Their silly pride landed them in trouble last time, so I’d they are ever cooking back, they should put that pride away and embrace reality this time and that reality is that Android is their truly and only way of survival. Let’s try and deal with this unpalatable truth too.

  3. Ebeekay made some valuable points, however he shouldn’t have used xbox as a case study cause everyone knows microsoft’s golden goose is windows OS. Nokia’s situation is very similar to that of Sega, everyone who knows games console knows that Sega was once the second best in the games console market until sony came into the picture. Sega is still very much alive but is on life support by making video game software for other game makers like nintendo,sony and microsoft. This is exactly what nokia is doing now by renting out HERE maps to samsung it shows that nokia’s cash resevers is very low cause if it wasn’t I see no way it would rent out a service that was once exclusive to it self. Let’s face it if microsoft didn’t buy the handset division of nokia, nokia would cease to exsist cause if it was really making money they wouldn’t have sold their headquaters, sacked people etc. If you ask me, blackberry has more capital and profits than nokia has. I still remember when nokia made a big deal out of selling their first 1billion phone, if the company could survive and make profits on patents and services alone, why go into handset manufacturing? To make more money? Perhaps but now nokia is on LIFE SUPPORT. RIP.

  4. Mr mark, AI BI KE used Xbox because Mr Mo refereed to his loss as a mere smartphone hardware division.
    If I’m here still in the next 8yrs when every Nokia fanboy has awaken from his dreams and imaginations, I’ll ask Mr Mo if he still stands by this post or rather has a confession to make, if not apologise. Verily verily I tell you Mr Mo …In the next 8yrs, every Nokia fanboy would be holding in his hands a rival smartphone like Apple and Samsung, if not a tecno phantom80; until the probable resurrection year in 10yrs, i regretfully put it to you that NOKIA DON JABO!!!

  5. “…truth is, they are probably still the most powerful company in mobile on the planet…”

    ah ah now! Mr Mo!. This is most definitely not true, and if you think about it very well, i’m sure you’ll agree.

    They are not dead yes, but virtually their whole B2C business is, and as a result, very soon, the mindshare from average consumers would be gone too. If they don’t go back into the consumer electronics scene soon, a large portion of people, especially the next generation, might not know what Nokia does in some years to come.

  6. muyiscoi,

    First, mobile does not refer to just consumer hardware. Google doesn’t produce consumer hardware, but they are a mobile company – and very powerful too. How much B2C business does Google do? How many Google mobile services has any individual ever paid for?

    Second, public visibility is not the same as power. I have presented the factors that make Nokia so powerful. Everyone pays Nokia for their essential patents, and their services are used everywhere – in numerous networks, on smartphones, on tablets, in cars, and more. How many companies in mobile pull that kind of weight?

    My statement is very true. Nokia really is probably still the most powerful company in mobile.

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