Nokia rolls out Beta Labs update for the N8's camera

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In addition to the Symbian Anna update, Nokia have also released a camera update adding several improvements to the world’s undisputed cameraphone till date, the N8. The enhancements include:

  • Continuous auto-focus in video mode
  • Faster speed
  • More intuitive interface
  • Smoother video (at 30fps)
  • Red-eye reduction performance improvements

This update is available only via Nokia Beta Labs though. You will be required to login with your Nokia account details in order to download this update.

Why Beta Labs?
Here is Nokia’s answer:

The simple answer was that we really wanted to go further with the Nokia N8 camera but didn’t want to tie it to a future software update release. We therefore decided to create this update via our Beta Labs channel to bring these as quickly as possible, this seemed the best way of doing that. And at the same time you can use the Beta Labs discussion tools for providing feedback which we’d like to use for on-going development.

Again, this updated application will look familiar to you, but it’s much faster to use and more intuitive. Moving the video/stills mode switch to the top left has provided an extra slot on the right which we’ve used to provide direct access to the scene modes from the viewfinder and in the case of video, exposure compensation is available in place of the flash control for direct accessibility.

But the enhancements you’ve been wanting most are 30fps video and continuous autofocus.

If interested in all the details, you can read the full press release here: Nokia N8 camera mega-update – beta test open. If you want to skip that, head over to Nokia Beta Labs right away.

  1. I installed the camera update earlier today. I also made the mistake of immediately launching the camera instead of restarting first, and the phone crashed/hooked. After a forced restart, the camera interface looks much nicer. Will try the HD@30fps feature soon.

  2. Other OSs should learn to deploy function targeted updates such as this. It saves time. Better than waiting to incorporate all together with a full update that will take forever.

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