Nokia Sleeping Screen Replaces Your Regular Screen Saver

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Nokia Sleeping Screen 9
Symbian^3 is definitely getting a lot love these days. One of the latest coming out of Nokia Beta Labs is Nokia Sleeping Screen.

This app removes the standard screensavers on Symbian^3 devices and replaces it with a new one. According to Nokia Conversations, Nokia’s official blog site, Sleeping Screen has a selection of eight different screen savers. Each one has a different style and shows you a different image when it’s in use.

For those of you with a Symbian^3 device like the Nokia N8, C7 and E7, you should give it a go and let us know what you think about this app. You can download Sleeping Screen from Nokia Beta Labs.


  1. I am getting rather peeved with these deluge of snappy apps that are simply incompatible with ‘older school’ Symbian^1 o!

    Is there anything wrong with being ‘old school’? Can they not make some of these apps ‘ backward compatible – when-where,-ever possible?

  2. I’ve been using Nokia Sleeping Screen for almost a week now. It’s a very nice app.

    I’ve gotten some very good apps from Nokia Beta Labs. I got Ovi Maps 3.6 from them more than a month before it was recently published to Ovi Store.

    A note of warning, however. Nokia Beta Labs releases experimental or beta versions of apps that may still contain bugs. Some of the apps even conflict with each other. That’s why I did not install Nokia Big Screen and Nokia Bubbles. Eg. Sleeping Screen will not work if Big screen in installed.

    Before installing Nokia Sleeping Screen, you also have to install some Qt sis files [more info on the beta labs website]

  3. I support Eyebeekay!

    However, I wish to wait until 12 of April, before I enter into the Symbian 3 platform or to keep waiting!

  4. Have always been a lover of Nokia Beta Labs.

    The new apps from them like Sleeping screen and Nokia Drop are real cool.

    I read that Sleeping screen requires low resources, that is very important.

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