Nokia takes US 4th spot behind Apple, Samsung, and LG

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Nokia in US 4th position

CounterPoint research figures for Q3 2013 make for interesting reading. According to the report, Nokia seems to have made huge progress in its battle for the US smartphone market, pushing back everyone else but Apple, Samsung and LG to clinch the 4th spot.

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  1. It simply means Nokia’s strategy is working. Its decision to go with windows phone is producing results in europe, asia and now america. It may not conquer the U.S market but Nokia is alive and will be a force to reckon with very very soon. The only baffling thing is why they are selling out to microsoft just when it seems things are looking up?

    Nokia is a perfect example of how a company can become successful again. Congrats to them.

  2. You mean HTC and Sony ain’t even visible with all their sleek offerings?
    Which market do they sell in then?

  3. @Cece, lol. The problem HTC and Sony have is that they have to first battle samsung in the android ecosystem, then battle apple and now nokia. Nokia cleverly sidestepped this problem by choosing windows phone. It may yet fail but Nokia is now a serious contender. A significant turn around. Sony and HTC have to live in the overwhelming shadow of Samsung, Nokia doesn’t. By carving a niche for itself, Nokia has a significant advantage over those who went the “easy” way.

  4. Interesting stats. There’s still life the old dog. I think going to Microsoft, the global IT giant was a smart move. One that gives a chance for the Nokia name to still ring in the future. For some of us whose first mobiles were Nokia, there’s a sentimental attachment to the Finnish phone.

    Mr. Mo. how soon can one get a Nexus 5 around here?

  5. Good they are moving up (Nokia), but what’s all d fuss about their success, we all know how much bigger they used to be and they are far behind d first two. I’ll recall Mr mo”s write-up on conquering d easier markets first, I’ll appreciate traction gained elsewhere resulting in larger numbers and profits…who send USA seed when Europe, Japan, and China dey there, these other guys are even ahead in mobile tech.

  6. @Sadiq, the U.S market is unique. In fact, it is the u.s market that is sustaining apple. For high end mobile phones, that is where OEMs make the most money, the U.S market is as big as the rest of the world combined. That is why a company that makes it in the U.S can forget about every other market and be comfortable.

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