Nokia unveils Symbian Belle, launches 600, 700, and 701

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Shortly after pushing out the Symbian Anna update to owners of existing Symbian smartphones, Nokia has unveiled the next OS update, Belle.

We are not new to Belle here, as one of the MobilityNigeria team members, NgDude, recently flashed his N8 to a leaked version and put up screenshots for all to enjoy. However, it is exciting news that Nokia has officially unveiled the update.

Also, three Belle-running devices have been announced – 600, 700, and 701. All three run a 1GHz processor and are due out “from 3rd quarter 2011”. That’s July to September i.e. in the next one month.

Symbian Belle 600 700 701

Hopefully, that means owners of existing devices like the N8, C7, C6-01, E7, E6 and X7 – who are all due for the update – should expect it on their devices in October or November.

Good work, Nokia!


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  1. Now, for those who love to keep griping about the’un-intuitive-ness’ of the Symbian interface , take THAT & mellow down!

    Accenture.: noun
    synonym for ‘Necromancer’!

  2. Thats good nokia,.. But waiting till october or november b4 i get belle on my Nokia E6,.
    Why don’t they roll everytin out once,..
    Any photo 2 d new devices unvielled.,

  3. belle is looking too appetizing to ignore.. Nokia should out their WP7 devices soon else i’d pick up the N8. Just hope the belle update trickles in before my patience runs out

  4. now there’s Belle and my phone (C7) has refused to upgrade to Anna.. #sobs …I hope it’ld comply to belle’s update

  5. The Nokia 701 sounds interesting. It comes with Symbian Belle, 3.5 inches IPS TFT Display with Nokia’s Clear Black! Gsm Arena suggests that belle looks like Android with drop down notification and resizable widgets.

    Out of the whole bunch, the Nokia 701 is my pick! I now wonder how I can choose between the E6 and this? But Me feels the 701 beats the E6!

  6. Competition is good for Customers.

    See what Symbian has become.

    I am totally in for Anna & Belle.

  7. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    [Now, for those who love to keep griping about
    the’un-intuitive-ness’ of the Symbian interface , take THAT & mellow down!]

    Some Nokia fans have always pretended that Symbian with its awkward interface cannot be better. Now that Nokia has effectively copied Android why don’t you complain about not liking it?

    gsmarena has this to say on the topic: “Nokia unveils Symbian Belle, looks Android-ish.”

    Symbian Belle brings many exciting new features and seems to make the platform much more usable. But as it does, it also pushes Symbian closer to Android. (resizable widgets, flat menu, pull-down notification area) – who was it that was quoted saying using Android was like peeing in your pants for warmth? Oh, right,
    Nokia’s own Anssi Vanjoki, chief of smartphones at the time. Well, what he meant was there’s little long-term profit in Google’s OS and using it is only a temporary relief. We wonder how he’d feel now that Nokia is peeing in its pants with Symbian hoping the warmth will last them enough for Windows Phone 7 to take off.


  8. Am wondering if this is not just little too late for nokia..:) i mean is it really sensible to get a belle phone now that nokia is just using anna/belle to buy enough time for windows?

    Developers are aware of this fact. Are we gonna have enough apps to run those phones? Cos its senseless getting the phones when you dont have enough quality apps

    …..stuck between android and belle..more so when samsung just announced some interestin droids too yesterday….

    @yomi…nokia and samsung announced phones at hours interval of each other and MN is talkin abt nokia alone…why?

  9. I submit that the wholesale condemnation of an OS (Symbian) on the basis of its ‘clunky interface’ – is UNREASONABLE.. There is more to a book than its cover, and certainly more to a movie than its title!
    I would rather write a boom first, them do something about the title later. The symbian way.

    Some initially work hard on the cover/title, and when it becomes obvious that it lacks substance- rush to improve on the contents (the ‘Robot & Fruit’ Method).

    @Harry, I fail to get the point you are trying to make here!

    You said,
    Some Nokia fans have always pretended that Symbian with its awkward interface cannot be better
    I wonder how you got that impression? Is there ANYTHING that can not be improved upon? There is nothing like PERFECTION at the mundane level.
    That is reserved for the celestial.

    Besides, what is wrong in copying a good idea, and even improving on?

    I wonder if Google / Apple will go to court over the similarity of ‘Belle’ to their own OS nterface?. It would surprise me if Apple does not! Stifling The Competition- rather than ‘besting’ them.

    The contemptuous aplomb (and speed) with which Symbian Belle (via Accenture) was able to implement this great ‘Robot interface – merely demonstrated that the ”noise’ about Symbian ‘interface clumsiness’ was just that -noise. Confetti!
    Now, to the ‘Robot & Fruit’ guys, I say, ‘Belle’ has just taken some wind out of your over_inflated sail..

  10. (
    @twitter_Shay_dude:: Developers are aware of this fact. Are we gonna have enough apps to run those phones?
    Yes we do. In buckets too..

  11. With Symbian belle, the main menu is now flat – it’s vertically scrollable and all the shortcuts are placed on the same screen, no more folders.

    It is good to copy the good things, but not the bad.

    I feel this particula r aspect of the imitation is ill-advised.

    If I have over 150 apps on my phone, must I scroll through30 apps to get to it (150 / 5 home screens = 30)?

    Besides, I need to first select the right homescreen.

    I believe the former ‘folder’ Style is more efficient.

    There are apps like ‘vHome’ that gimmicksflat_you’re arrangement. I tried these out oib the past, and found them to be time_wasters ( apart from eating battery power while you scroll abou- trying to locate your application)

    The option should be there to stay work the former multi_folder arrangement..

  12. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    You said:
    “If I have over 150 apps on my phone, must I scroll through30 apps to get to it (150 / 5 home screens = 30)?”

    You’re coming from the Symbian world and you don’t understand how the Android world works. If Nokia/Symbian copied correctly, then, there is the main application home screen and several customizable home screens (in my case can extend to 7 – the number of customizable home screens is also adjustable). So in these customizable screen(s) you place shortcut of frequently used programs and arrange them as you like. These customizable home screens have fixed number of icons they can take and the icons in them are not scrollable. Of course you can also place widgets on them. You can swipe to scroll between home screens (not within a home screen).

    Whenever you press the home screen button, all open applications are put in the background and you’re taken to the middle home screen because there are only odd numbered home screens to choose from when customizing, ie 1, 3, 5 and 7. If you need to go to the main application screen then you use the app button while in the home screen.

    Welcome to Android world that is veiled as Symbian!

  13. Harry, I understand your explanations. I have used ‘Voyager Home’ app (and other similar apps) in the past, and it pretty much works the way your Android system works.

    Symbian^3 also has a similar method (although I have not used one.

    I said, in error…

    “If I have over 150 apps on my phone, must I scroll through30 apps to get to it (150 / 5 home screens = 30)?”

    I wanted to say,

    “If I have over 150 apps on my phone, must I SCAN through30 apps to get to it (150 / 5 home screens = 30)?”

    Have a look @

    If the ‘Android way’ is the ultimate, why did SPB bother to make this software for Android (by the way, there is a Symbian and Windows Mobile-variant of this software)

    The point of my drawing this to your attention- is just to butress my earlier point that a good interface is DESIRABLE, but…
    an INTERFACE does NOT an OS make!

    Mull THAT over!

  14. @eyebeekay u can always save yourself time by uusing a launcher like verysoft launcher, idialer which allow you to find and launch an app by typing the name of the app from the homescreen

  15. Tnx, MartinKem.
    I am aware of those.

    Incidentally, I have been hard_pressed to choose between iDialer, Youlu and t9Nav in the past. I eventually settled for Youlu aided by JBak TaskMan.

    But, I would have preferred SPB Mobilie for Symbian -if not that it is so ravenous with memory..(on my lean Nokia 5800)

  16. @eyebeekay
    for me i’d prefer idialer, youlu just got in the way of the regular contact app which allows me more fields than youlu. And idialer just works seamlessly with The contact app. And also does youlu one better by integrating an app launcher.

    I think iOS and Android (by adding an tweak) also does folders too. Nokia should also follow iOS in Belle by making the addition of folders an option. for me am waiting on the Nokia WP7 device. am so in love with the Metro UI.

  17. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    I probably would have given the SPB app a try only it is not free, but I doubt very much I would prefer it over the way Android does it. Right now, I’ve about 86 downloaded apps on my phone that does not include the ones that came with the phone. All the home screens (7) are active while I use the middle three actively for shortcuts of frequently used apps, two others for widgets and the last two basically unused and I think the needs of my frequently used apps being handy has been taken case of, it probably could be done better but I have not found an app that has a better way of doing it yet.

    I believe the SPB app was originally made for maybe Symbian or Windows phone and then ported to Android to cater for the need of those coming from either Symbian or Windows world. It could still be that it was specially targeted at Android users after all, you never know what will work for different people.

    [If I have over 150 apps on my phone, must I SCAN through30 apps to get to it (150 / 5 home screens = 30)?”]

    Each of the home screens I talked about holds 16 icons which makes identifying each app a cinch at least for me and that means I have handy 48 apps. It is obvious this doesn’t sound good to you, so tell me how SPB would have made it easier to handle this more efficiently.

  18. Nokia is trying,…
    Anna looks like blackberry
    belle looks like andriod
    dats gud, bcos i can use my E6 2 stream channelstv online, once i click on d blackberry tap on their site,…

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