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Nokia West Africa is leveraging on the reach of MobilityNigeria to engage their target audience in Nigeria and beyond. This partnership will see the creation of a special section on the Mobility Nigeria site (to be named “Nokia Rave”).

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This will give Nokia access to release news, information and support to their teeming customers across the country and beyond right here on Nokia will also offer promos from time to time via Nokia Rave.

Nokia has by far the largest marketshare of both feature phones and smartphones in the Nigerian mobile market and are looking to consolidate on that strong position. Nokia’s commitment to the development of the mobile ecosystem in Nigeria has seen the mobile giant engaging users and developers in a variety of ways over the last several months.

Nokia was also the first mobile manufacturer to respond positively to MobilityNigeria’s call for mobile brands, resellers and retailers to provide loan devices for review here on The Finnish company has outdone expectations already by making available two high-end Symbian devices, the Nokia N8 and the Nokia E7, for review.

Last week, in a phone chat with Yomi Adegboye, publisher of Mobility Nigeria, Nokia West Africa’s communications manager hinted that Nokia would also love to make the Nokia E7 available for pre-order via the MobilityNigeria website. Yomi became the proud owner of a brand new E7 last week, courtesy of Nokia, making him one of the very first individuals in the country to own the flagship device.

  1. ”Nokia West Africa’s communications manager hinted that Nokia would also love to make the Nokia E7 available for pre-order via the Mobility Nigeria website.”

    The above statement caught my interest. If Nokia would do this, not only with the E7 but with all future Nokia’s highend smartphones, then I might just rekindle my interest in Nokia’s smartphones again.

    I’ll be watching…

    N.B- hope ‘the others’ would follow Nokia’s steps. And, most essentially, we do need a site where we in Nigeria can place orders for these gadgets in NAIRA!

    MobilityNigeria might just be that site. Can’t wait. Really can’t wait for that to be.

  2. Nokia Rave, that is a brilliant idea. (access to new info, support and promo)

    This gives us more reason to own a Nokia Device because you are sure of support.

    Very soon the other manufactures will start to follow follow.

    This might turn out to be the year of the copy cat. lol

    Thanks Nokia & Mobility.

  3. Please I have an issue, I purchased a Nokia C7 this afternoon and on getting home, I discovered
    1.) The mouthpiece isn’t working
    2.) It doesnt detect 3g network

    I switched it off since then as I’ve been so upset all day..
    Please what do i do in this case?

  4. @Peter
    For the mouthpiece, I believe your phone is under warranty, just take it to Nokia care.

    For the 3G you should confirm that your phone is set to see 3G service and I hope your mobile network also has 3G in the area your are.

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