Nokia, Where Is My v113.010.1508 PureView Update?

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Seeing as today is Symbian/Belle village meeting day here at MOBILITY, I might as well throw in a small rant.

As a New Year’s gift to Nokia 808 PureView users, the Finnish boss rolled out a version 113.010.1508 update that is quoted as bringing “Improved performance and features” to the last of the Symbian lineage. This was on the 2nd of January.


As a proud PureViewer (yes; we even have a name, so eat your hearts out), I have been plugging my unit to a PC every single day for 19 days now to check for that update, only to be told each time by PC Suite that there are no updates available for my device. Bummer. I am still stuck on v113.010.1507.

LordBanks is such a killjoy. Here was his response to me on this subject: “Maybe after they release WP 7.8, they’ll remember you”. That’s depressing stuff; no? But I shall just chalk it up to Banks being jealous of us PureViewers! There; I feel much better.

Anyway, Nokia must stop letting their favourite fans get poked at like this. Prove LordBanks wrong. When I plug my PureView to PC Suite again later tonight, make the magic happen. Don’t let this New Year’s present become a Valentine’s gift. I’d love something else for Val, you know.




  1. .LOL.

    But seriously, Nokia has a lot of things on their mind right now. Like trying to figure out how to get Lumia to trickle down to the masses (if they aren’t, they should), while keeping Samsung, and recently, Tecno from taking bigger bites of of their market share.

    Supporting Belle is the least of their problems. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lumias have outsold the 808 by far. If Pureview is the problem, er…it’s now on the 920, remember? 808 was just a proof of concept. They are hoping you’ll upgrade and get off their backs, lol.

  2. LordBanks,

    If PureView is the problem, er…it’s now on the 920, remember? 808 was just a proof of concept. They are hoping you’ll upgrade [to Lumia] and get off their backs, lol.

    Bah! The PureView on the Lumia 920 is a joke compared to what I have here on the 808. Please, don’t go there. Yes; it is better in low-light situations and with OIS, but besides those, the 808’s camera blows the 920 out of the water. I know that Nokia PR doesn’t like that to be said, but, hey!

    More to the point, actually the update is ready and has been rolling out since January, but isn’t available for my device yet. Nokia just probably wants to frustrate me into dumping the 808 and replacing it with a 920. Aargh! I’ve come around full circle to agree with you! Bummer!!!!


  3. Well I guess the problem could be as a result of Nokia not allowing their updates to be carried out OTA. Which includes using your modems and WI-FI connections. I don’t understand why it is so.

  4. Nokia, how can you do this to Mr Mo, totally unacceptable, lols

    I am a Pureviewer and mine is on v113.010.1508.

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