President and CEO of Nokia Corporation, Stephen Elop says Nokia’s new smartphone strategy is the catalyst that will help the mobile giant penetrate the U.S

Nokia Will Penetrate New Markets – CEO

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stephen elopPresident and CEO of Nokia Corporation, Stephen Elop says Nokia’s new smartphone strategy is the catalyst that will help the mobile giant penetrate the U.S market and other markets where Nokia is not a dominant player. Stephen Elop was speaking in Dubai during a media roundtable with journalists drawn across the Middle East and Africa. He said everything was being put in place to ensure that the Nokia Windows Phone gives consumers a delightful experience. He was however not specific on when consumers across the world should expect the official release of the smartphone. Mr Elop disclosed that priority markets would be considered first before other markets.

On Ovi store which is nokia’s proprietary platform for applications, games, navigation and other services, Mr. Elop maintained that the platform would not be discarded in the wake of the emergence of Nokia Windows phones. Mr Elop also mainteained that low-end devices built on Symbian will continue to compliment the smartphone strategy. Nokia dominates the global mobile phone market globally but is now a challenger in the smartphone category

The Nokia CEO said he was very pleased with the contribution of the Middle East and Africa market to Nokia’s overall corporate performance. He said such contribution will be matched with appropriate investment.

Mr Elop was very optimistic about the Nokia’s prospects in the global mobile industry. He stated that he had received tremendous support and goodwill from partners, telecom operators, consumers and nokia staff in his bid to evolve a new strategic direction for the mobile giant.

Nokia is the world’s number one manufacturer of mobile devices by market share. Beyond its leadership status as a manufacturer of devices, Nokia is fast becoming a leading solutions provider in the converging Internet and communications industries providing internet services that enable users to experience media, messaging, maps and games. It recently launched the Nokia E7, which is considered one of the smartest phones on the Nokia stable.

Osagie Ogunbor
Head of Communications
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  1. First off, i read this site from an rss reader so i’m just noticing the new look so, congrats on that. its a big improvement.

    However, is it just me, or is this site becoming too “Nokia centric?”. not that i have anything against Nokia, but i’ll love to see a more balanced coverage of other platforms too (those that meet Mr. Yomi’s criterion ofcourse 🙂 )

  2. muyiscoi,

    Thanks for your observation. It is pretty easy to see why it looks like this site is becoming Nokia-centric, though you will observe a healthy dose of information on BlackBerry too.

    1. We asked for companies to send us review phones on loan. Only Nokia has responded till date. One brand cannot be investing in giving their devices publicity while the others are sitting back and then expect to get the same kind of coverage as the former.

    2. Nokia has also partnered with us in other ways – there’s a dedicated section tagged NokiaRave where they publish their own materials and offer our readers freebies. No other manufacturer has taken such a step.

    3. We contacted other manufacturers, but apart from RIM who send us the occassional press release, there has been little response from them. If Nokia is being pro-active and engaging, and the others are holding back, there’s nothing we can do about it. One other company has been sending us press releases of how their staff go on holidays and things like that? How is that of interest to the public? Of course, we cannot publish that.

    4. Nokia are the ones showing up at mobile events in Nigeria the most – or sponsoring the most as well. For example, so far as I know, only Nokia showed up at the maiden event of Mobile Monday in Nigeria. Where were the others?

    This site is open to all – Samsung, RIM, LG, Sony Ericsson, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, Techno, and others.

    When they start engaging, you can be sure that you will see and read more of them here.

  3. If I may add, Nokia’s also the brand that’s been engaging the developer community the most, holding trainings and providing support. They recently announced a training that was over-subscribed within days.

    Where are the others? What are they waiting for?

  4. Great!

    A good company considers its users. If you have issue w/ your iphone in Nigeria, is their an iPhone care centre to treat your case? Nokia is already pre-ordering nokia E7 in Nigeria, they did so for Nokia N8.

    I agree w/ Yomi on this Note. Facebook & google are coming closer to us here in Nigeria too, as portrayed by the new vacancies for communication managers that are Nigerians. Other brands should take a cue.

    Nokia, oshe! *thank you Nokia*

  5. Very Logical, Nokia has really been engaging Africa.

    I still don’t know what Samsung is waiting for?

    I heard Apple is building an official shop at The Palms (not confirmed)

  6. Keep on with ur good work Yomi,i am sure other manufacturers would soon come around.

  7. that would be great if apple does that. First I would rather they allow us on the list of countries supported before opening shop. #myOpinion

    I won’t mind taking the device for a ‘tango’ dance. Ha ha! For now #TeamNokia + #TeamBlackberry, wooot!

  8. This is a great thing that Nokia is doing. No other mobile phone manufacturer has embraced Nigeria the way that they have done. And as such, we Nigerians are grateful and will show our delight for Nokia by gulping out their devices in the handful. I use a Symbian phone as part of my smartphone arsenal line-up. Nokia phones are time tested and trusted. And with customer support, they are unbeatable. I intend to upgrade my Nokia smartphone immediately after the Symbian ^3, v2.x is out.

    As I’ve always said before; in the beginning; it was just Nokia and others. And I’m almost certain that soon, it will come back that way. Just this week IDC predicted that the sales of Windows phone will soon surpass the iPhone and will be number two in the world, only after Android And of course, Microsoft has Nokia to thank for this feat, if the prediction comes true.

    Jesse has said it all. Other Manufacturers should emulate Nokia! Samsung, RIM AND Apple should all beware. Perhaps soon we shall shun their products and embrace ONLY Nokia!

  9. Someone posted on Twitter today that Africa is a Symbian (and I dare add, Nokia) continent, and will remain so for the next 7 years. He has a point.

    Here in Nigeria, we are waiting for the others to wake up.

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