Nokia Windows Phones Coming to Nigeria 1st Quarter 2012

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Nokia Lumia 800 and 710
You have been asking, so we asked on your behalf.

The Head of Communications, Nokia West Africa has confirmed to me via email that Nokia Windows Phones will be in Nigeria by the 1st quarter of 2012.

If you have been lusting after the Lumia 800 or the 710, start saving up!


  1. Can i get a WP7? Nah dont think so for now. A phone that doesnt have external M.C? No bluetooth file transfer?

  2. for now N9 still rocks and will be rocking for another 2yrs.. i think i need at least 2 copies of dat to last me till nokia dumps windows and goes back to their beloved symbian/meego cos they obviously look confused

  3. No mass storage, no bluetooth transfer,I might as well say hello to iphone 4. Opinions surely differs anyway but nokia n windows??? Naaah 4me

  4. me too I second this motion no to windows phone. if pleasing americans and displeasing the rest of the world is nokia’s goal i move on.

  5. @arumob nice point there…, the bit bout pleasing americans! Never thought of it that way and it makes some sense… What’d u guys think?

  6. when will belle come? Thats what am waitting for not any window or door phone. When comes out N8 will rock for at least another 1year, then its successor will come, rocks for another 2 or 3 yrs. By then Nokia would have known where they are going and Nokia fans would have made up their mind either to remain loya
    l or cross carpet

  7. My Nokia 701 rules! Symbian belle rules! It is all I need in the mobile world for now. Therefore, there is no opening of any door to any windows phone for me.

  8. ”My Nokia 701 rules! Symbian belle rules! It is all I need in the mobile world for now. Therefore, there is no opening of any door to any windows phone for me.”

    how much is Nokia 701 now?

  9. what Microsoft didn’t realise is that nokia has been able to dominate all these other parts of the world by being relevant to the local needs of the such markets. while an american will not have problem with the no bluetooth as they can share files over cheap & fast internet connectivity easily, their naija counterpart cannot afford the unreliable internet connectivity here and would rather share files via bluetooth. So no bluetooth, no sales here o.

  10. As in no sales at all! Its worse than a dumb phone then..a 90k phone without bluetooth? Omo your guys go laugh you Ehn!

  11. You lot are spitting A LOT of incorrect information here. Who says WP7 or the Nokia Lumia’s have no bluetooth transfer? Thats incorrect. It does, in fact one of the Nokia apps is a Contact Transfer to help you migrate from your old phone, and yes it uses bluetooth for the transfer. And talking from experience of using Android for 1 year, iPhone for 4yrs and now WP7, the latter is surely the smoothest OS of them all. Maybe still lacking in the apps dept compared to the other two platforms, but by far my best experience and a completely different one from the former two.

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