Nokia working on a Windows phone?

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Of recent, Nokia and Microsoft have been cuddly-cuddly. Last year the two firms announced their alliance which was to see them collaborating on the design, development and marketing of productivity solutions for mobile professionals.

Well, take a look at this chart picked from a recently leaked presentation on Nokia’s software and services plans, the company mentions Windows OS along with the Series 40, Symbian and Maemo.

nokia windows

This is unconfirmed yet, but if in fact we will be seeing a Nokia-made Windowsphone, it will be the best thing that has happened to the Windowsphone OS and its descendants in years!

Read the full news item: Who saw that coming: Nokia working on a Windows phone?


  1. Symbian, meego, maemo – now, maybe Windowsphone. it would appear nokia has not really made up their minds on the direction they want to go – as regards OS.

    the user experience is more dependent on the OS than the hardware running that OS.

    I suppose nokia its trying to spoil consumers with CHOICE. problem is, it can also CONFUSE them…

    to many cooks DO spoil three broth…

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