While I have not been able to share anything about the Nokia X with anyone because it is a pre-sales unit and so not the

Nokia X pitches techies against non-techies

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While I have not been able to share anything about the Nokia X with anyone because it is a pre-sales unit and so not the final version in the market, having it with me has generated a lot of discussions. As I prepared to do a factory reset on the unit and send it back this morning (it is on its way now), I mulled over the various interesting responses of different people that I have heard since Monday, though they are yet to see or handle one. But the Nokia X seems to have divided people across clear lines.

Nokia X factory reset

My personal observation is that techies are mostly unimpressed with news of Nokia X, while non-techies in general are ecstatic and cannot wait to get one. That is in general. I am sure that there are exceptions to the rule. I tweeted this observation and Zuma replied to express agreement:

But then, techies have generally been snobs of budget devices, so no surprises there. Or the techies are just disappointed that once again, Nokia didn’t cook the kind of meal they would have loved to eat.

  1. It never fails to amaze me how the so-called techies never read the fine print. I’ve read similar gassing in Europe and North America, this time about how rubbish the phones are.

    Nokia has realised, as was mentioned last year, that in emerging markets, the budget end is where its at. The Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone is the flagship. Nokia X Android fork is for the emerging end.

    So those techies waiting for a Nokia full Android phone will have to pick something else from the menu. I’m sure they won’t starve!

  2. My gripe about the Nokia X line of phones isn’t even about the specs.

    Its about the fact that Noks customized it to a level that seems more on a Windows phone than an Android. Preferring to put their own version of the app store instead of Google Play? Come on!

    Well that’s the beauty of Android right? Use it for free and pimp it to your hearts desire. Non techies are just happy that their once favorite mobile phone manufacturer is rocking with the world’s favorite mobile operating system.

  3. Gabriel seriously, only Android users know of and experience Google Play. The target market is not those people. If my only experience has been no store or the Nokia Store, what is Google Play to me?

    Just like the Kindle Fire doesn’t appeal to all tablet owners, the Nokia X isn’t targeted at existing Android or smartphone users – unless they’re on a budget.

  4. @Noni,you have already said my mind,all I know is that the nokia x series will sale like hot cake,we still have so many nokia fan in nigeria,personally,Im waiting for the xl.

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