reports that 2 days to the Nokia announcements, the rumoured Nokia X7 has shown up on Youtube, and it is running the latest Symbian

Nokia X7 shows up running Symbian's latest UI

Posted by reports that 2 days to the Nokia announcements, the rumoured Nokia X7 has shown up on Youtube, and it is running the latest Symbian UI.

According to GSMArena:

After a long and dramatic series of rumors, and only two days before Nokia’s online event, a promotional video of Nokia X7 for Three UK surfaced in YouTube, and brought a great deal of excitement to us.

The relatively short video clip should bring nothing but joy to Nokia’s Symbian fans. It shows the upcoming X7 with the latest version of Symbian UI and, honestly, the improvement from what we are used to seeing from Nokia up until now, is dramatic. The new Symbian UI looks sleeker and, more importantly, appears to be running much faster than its contemporary. The web browser is also said to be three times faster than the current Nokia offering.

This is exciting news for Nokia C7, N8, and E7 users who must be itching to get the new UI on their devices.

Watch the video:


  1. I first saw the scoop from Engadget via Youtube and then the video was pulled out immediately, but trust Techys, some people had already saved it b4 it was pulled out.

    I really like the upper part design and looks like the shape of the back will make the phone easy to handle.

    The new UI is highly welcome, watched the video over and over again and I was amazed by the Home-screen scrolling, Portrait qwerty and the all new browser.

    The only question now is, when will Nokia E7 get this?

  2. The relatively short video clip should bring
    nothing but joy to Nokia’s Symbian fans

    I think Nokia deserves to be commended for doing what they can to improve the symbian user experience. But I can’t help but respectfully assert that the above statement applies to only a fraction of the symbian community – the high end spec demographic, running Symbian^1 up. For a while now we’ve not seen any serious UI/UX improvements for S60 3rd devices (which I’m conversant with), and S60 5th (don’t know too much about those). It’s beginning to look like we’re more or less on our own, left to customise our own experiences as far as themes, third party software and sheer creativity allow. We sometimes risk bricking our devices in our quest to increase our enjoyment of them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing that since Symbian is being slowly decommissioned, good ol’ S60 is no longer a priority, and I understand that. But that knowledge doesn’t make the reality any easier to accept. It appears I won’t be finding any UI/UX experiences in common with you guys till I finally convince myself to break up with S60, my first (smartphone) love.

  3. O Boy ! O boy !! O Boy !!! *dancing in excitement*

    I don’t care much about the X7-00 or T7-00 [my Nate still beats them], or the fancy UI [I’m so loving SPB Mobile Shell]. What thrilling me is the speed of new browser.

    If Nokia does announce the QWERTY bar E6-00, my Nate will be due for retirement.

    @Bankole – face it, S60 v3 will receive Zero or very little official Nokia support from now on. The latest Qt framework doesn’t support it anymore, and S60v5/Symbian^1 will very likely be phased out when the next SDK of Qt is released. Only Symbian^3 will keep enjoying updates. That’w why I tell people who want good Nokia smartphones to save and get a Symbian^3 set.

  4. We have a saying in my neck of woods:
    Bi onirese ko fin’gba mo, eyi to ti fin ko le parun!

    Even if new apos are not coming out anymore (or diminishing in quantity)- for Symbian^1 and below, the thousands of apps already written still have REAL relevance. and will continue to do so for a goood while..

    Newer Is not necessarily always better…

  5. Lbanks, spacyzuma got it point blank…is there anyway i can contact u lbanks, wana ask u somethin..

  6. Symbian Death Sequence
    1st to die – S60 3rd and its flavours
    2nd to die – S60 5th touch devices
    Last to die/Die hard Symbian – Symbian 3

  7. This is really a good thing. About time I upgrade my Symbian device. A suave UI Means a lot to me.

  8. @spacyzuma, shayman

    Is that to say that Nokia has no concrete longterm agenda for its entry level/midrange smartsphone spec? If the S60 platform is totally abandoned, then what is to stop budget consumers from jumping ship and taking up with another platform that offers similarly priced devices and better user experiences? Nokia isn’t exactly having a field day with its high-end range right now, and it wouldn’t be in their best interests to ignore the biggest market they have going for them right now, the budget consumer demographic. They are Nokia’s most loyal market, and if Nokia leaps off the burning symbian platform without them, there are many mobile platforms who’ll be only too happy to come to their rescue.

    The budget consumer used to be content with utility and sturdy build quality. Not anymore. They’ve seen their friends sporting iphones and android devices, so they now covet eye candy and nifty UIs. Samsung and LG are looking to cash in on that high-taste/low-budget market with their corbies and cookies. Whether Nokia will look on and allow that happen is entirely up to them. But if you ask me, telling people to save up for a Symbian^1 et al series phone is much like saying ‘buzz off cheapskates, come back when you can afford a proper phone’. Go figure!


    You can reach me at or on twitter, @iandbanks.

  9. I believe Nokia still has plans for their mid-range customers, but primarily with S40 operating system, NOT with Symbian. Since they have already clearly stated that Symbian will be phased out, they will only release updates for the latest subset of the Symbian OS, which is Symbian^3. S60v3 and v5 will be relegated to the past. The most they can hope for is the online community producing S60-supported software; and maybe a few firmware upgrades from Nokia. If you visit, you’ll see a review of the Nokia E72 which recently got a firmware upgrade.

    For their top-range customers, the main OS for their smartphones will now be WP7. For mid-range customers, S40 is still very much alive. As a matter of fact, this week, Nokia is organizing a 3-day Training on developing Qt software for both S40, Symbian & Maemo phones, and I will be there.

  10. I have watched the video over and over again, and I don’t see what the hurray is all about. still the same sad thing over and over again. Nokia should get there acts together and prep a WP7 already. What would it really take to take the design of the E7, take out the slide out keyboard and slap in a 12MP camera. And load the future mango version of the WP7 OS and ship it out, say by November.

    All these snag about symbian. Just work on S40, improve the java runtime making it into something of Blackberry OS, where the java midlets have a lot of leeway. Add multitasking to the mid range S40 devices. A limited multitasking would suffice, one that lets u pause running apps until its comes to the foreground, with push notifications for instant messaging apps. That would surely replace symbian users.

    For lower priced S40 devices limited multitasking would also be suitable. The lowest priced ones should get S30 or a similar looking stripped down version of the S40, without the multitasking like traditional S40 of today

  11. Lbanks, i actually thought bout that scenario nokia not facing themselve out of the mid range section of d market by not supporting s60v3 and s60v5?? What happens to d peeps with nokia c5 and nokia 5230 owners now in say 8months to a year’s time when they want a change?…if samsung or LG or even Sonyericsson is able to get a good android into d market at a very low/moderate prices at good value for money…hmmm..

  12. @martinkem
    I believe your conclusion about the video is in your own opinion, but its funny that most people all over the world that watched the video says ‘The Change is here’

    Nokia is a big company serving almost all countries worldwide and designing a phone and ensuring everything works well goes beyond having a good idea alone, it requires lots of planning, logistics and alot of other things we dont ever get to know.

    One thing I know for sure is that nobody wants Nokia WP7 in the market as much as Nokia them selves, they read the news and know how other companies are performing (i.e HTC). I am very sure they will do anything to ensure a WP7 gets out there asap.

  13. I don’t expect nokia to abandon the middle and low end market of their phones that have not just taken them to becoming the biggest mobile phone manufacturer, but kept them their up till date. no business man will take such decision. the greatest no of phone users belong to that segment. nokia cannot ignore them at all… from africa to south america, asia and ofcouse the middle east… nokia is everywhere because of the dominance of this segment of the market. highend smartphones still account for a relatively small %. they better get their plans right if they don’t want the likes of samsung, LG and the crazy china phones to take over that segment.

  14. @lagos

    You said it. Jumping platform is now in order. If the s60v5 isn’t going to be supported anymore, and we have no cheap or equally priced products in Nokia stable, then we have no choice but to take a jump from the burning Nokia platform unto amother that is cool and comfortable. Say android for instance.

    Why must Nokia abandon their selling midrange products for high end products that may not do so well and at the end dump all for an romance with WP7?

    I am jumping from the burning, dying s60v5 platform. Starting by offering my Nokia C6_00 for sale. I understand Samsung galaxy5 (i5500), android 2.1 phone, is selling for under 30k. And please don’t call me a prostitute. Am only trying to survive in a harsh world. You don’t pitch your tent on an island already marked for use as a nuclear bomb test ground.

  15. Sorry for the typos. Am yet to get used to typing on a touch phone with ‘auto correct’ functions. Above comment was directed to @Lbankz not lagos.

    Now, if we could get the symbian^3 phones at moderate prices, no one will complain much knowing these phones will eventually be phased out sooner or later. But with their current costs, I just find it difficult to justify a purchase of the phone that the maker will eventually kill.

  16. ‘ And please don’t call me a prostitute’

    Lol…so what do we call a woman that elopes with a neighbour once she hears of a plan to downsize at her husband’s place of work?


  17. @deoladoctor, my sentiments exactly.


    Did I hear you say S40? That’s gotta be a big joke, do you really expect anybody who’s used S60 to actually use that? I don’t have anything against S40, but I’d rather you performed a lobectomy on me and replaced my brain with a calculator’s, than make me use it. Extreme analogy, I know, but it’s also extreme to expect an E63/E5/5800 power user to downgrade to the likes of a C3. Ain’t gonna happen. Not with Android waiting just out the door with a better deal. Heck, S40 in its current iteration is not even as capable as the software on some other devices in its weight class. Don’t take my word for it, you can check out the LG KP500 with its flash based touch UI, 3″ resistive screen, multitasking and document viewing, all for 14k!

    I hesitate to comment on the viability of Nokia’s S40 agenda till I know more about it, but unless those plans involve catering to the needs of geeks on a budget, they can just kiss that segment goodbye, off to Android they go. With a bit a reluctance maybe, but go they will.


    I’m one of your biggest fans, you gave me the E63 and changed my life forever. If you kill support for it without providing an alternative, it will be you leaving me, not me you.

    P.S: I changed my twitter handle from @iandbanks, it’s now @MrBankole

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