Dear Nokia, Advertisement A little introduction may be in order, so that you can understand the position from which I am writing. I have been


Nokia, you're still getting it wrong with the Anna update

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Dear Nokia,


A little introduction may be in order, so that you can understand the position from which I am writing.

I have been a loyal Nokia customer for most of my mobile life. Out of over 60 mobile devices that I have used, more than 30 have been Nokia. More specifically, I have been a Symbian smartphone rooter for years. I branded myself “Symbian Inside”. As a matter of fact, I believe I invented the phrase.


Not just Symbian too. I have kept faith with the Communicator heritage. I used the 9210i. Then the 9500. Skipped the 9300 and got the E90 too when it came out. I currently own the E7, which by the way is a dear gift from you (at least your West Africa operations). Oh, I would have purchased an E7 even if you hadn’t sent me one. I am that much a fan of Symbian Communicators.

You see, we are dear friends. That is why I must tell you the truth: you are getting it wrong with the Symbian Anna firmware update.


In a nutshell, imagine the millions of loyalists who went out and purchased a Nokia N8, C7 or E7 all watching those Anna videos online, or envying their friends who just arrived at the party with an E6 or X7 as they enjoy and show off Anna’s new features.

Also imagine users of those older Symbian ^3 devices still using the quite capable but slow and clunky browser while much older Symbian S60 v3 and v5 users are already enjoying the newer Anna browser on their devices.

The worst part is that new C7, N8, and E7 devices now ship with Anna running on them. So, some guy buys an N8 today and he has Anna, while those who purchased it 4 months ago – those who kept you in business till date – are still stuck on S^3?


Why do you seem to love to mess with your most loyal users’ heads in this manner?

Where you trying to sell more new devices? If so, bad move. Wouldn’t it have been better to update existing Symbian^3 devices with Anna first, then users of those updated existing devices can deliver powerful word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations?

Imagine the countless number of bloggers, workers, executives, and geeks who would have done some free extra publicity for you if only Anna got on their devices before now.


There are those who have found a hack for Anna on the N8. I have an N8 too (again, another superb gift from you), but Lawd knows I don’t want to invalidate my warranty or risk bricking it by using the hack.

Dear friend, I don’t know what you are thinking, but this is all wrong. You are asking us N8, C7 and E7 owners to wait till “August ending” for Anna? Do you know how eternally far away that is? Plus, with your track record of delayed updates, that EDD could as well mean “September ending”. No offence meant.


I am hoping that you do not deploy this same fan-wearying strategy for your upcoming WindowsPhone devices. It would mean that not much has changed.

In the meantime, it is said that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. In consumer-speak, that would mean that any one available phone and/or platform is worth any two upcoming ones. I am bored right now. Bored stiff. And my eyes are looking at some of your competitors’ offerings, and those are in hand now. Anna is still in the bush for the majority of Symian^3 users.

It’s your fault if some more of your fans cross over as many others have done in recent times. I love my Symbian anyway, but I suspect that you are desperately trying to alienate me and many others who live on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

PS: Please get rid of those EDoF cameras in your flagship and highend range. EDoF cameras may have their merits for the commonality of users, but for the geeky, high-flying, cutting edge types who splurge on your high end devices, those newfangled cams are a sour taste in the mouth. Auto-focus please!

This letter is too long already, but if a friend won’t tell you the truth, you need to go find new friends.

I remain your friend and loyal fan (even if a little frustrated right now),


Mister Mobility

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  2. Hy, jst be patient.. Symbian anna will be available. maybe with additional features or more new changes compared to the 1 being shipped with x7 ryt now.. it myt jst be a magnet, test to see how things go. the update will get for the n8 will be rly good.. better than the anna released now.

  3. Thank you very much for this letter. I so dearly wish I could co-sign it with you.

    As it is, I’m gonna tweet this link to every Nokia twitter account I can find.

    Some days ago, I downloaded all the data required to flash my N8 with the leaked english/chinese Anna. I’m still asking myself why I haven’t gone ahead and done it.

  4. Yomi, you did well by being brutally frank with your old, lagging friend Nokia.

    Unfortunately, it’s not only in software updates or such Symbian Anna trash that Nokia is losing it. According to most recent reports in the global telecoms sector, Nokia has lost the position of being the world’s largest mobile phone maker to the American Apple, Korean Samsung and Taiwanese HTC. It is consequently losing revenue too in global sales.

    Pundits also predicted that Samsung will effectively trash Nokia in 2012 in volume of sales as a result of the former’s winning innovative smartphone explosion. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is now the world’s best smartphone, selling more than 2 million units in just few months of release this year.

    No doubt, Nokia has lost it. And with Apple delaying release of its rumoured iPhone 5, Samsung is now the world leader.

  5. infact,you’v said what has been in my all these while.d same thing is happenning to glomobile in nigeria ( as per the mega promo they say they have with nokia ) tney ‘ll frustrate their old to gt unloyal and touch-and-go new customers.

  6. Hmmm! Its so painful the way I see most core nokia loyalist embittered by their best friend these days. Worst still, most of the utterances coming out from nokia leadership does not have d least persuasive tint for their fans.

    Imagine Elop saying even if nokia N9 happens to be a Hit, Nokia will not return to MeeGO. This and many others like d cry from many Symbian fans all over d world that even if nokia must run another platform, they shouldn’t drop their dear old friend (SYMBIAN) that took nokia to d place of Glory in d first instance. Yet nokia remain defiant.

    All these point to d fact dt nokia is no longer customer centered but PRIDE CENTERED thinking dt they’ve reached such status as to control every mind to bow to their own egocentric way of thinking.

    They’ve choosen to put all their eggs in one basket thinking that they’ve grown Too Big to Fall like the old Titanic Story. Needless to say dt we all know d end of d Titanic. If nokia does not review most of their recent actions and utterances driven by Pride thinking dt it is Logic, they’re bound to meet their own Iceberg soon and it will be too disastrous for them to bear bcos no business is too big to fall to trash.

    You should learn to listen to the yearnings of your customers bcos they are d one dt has kept you in business all d while and not d other way round. So why should you impose on your customers to pay their hard earned cash for what they don’t like when your customers’ desires is within your reach and could even make your business prosper?

    I’m a core Symbian Fan as well but when I noticed that the way things are unfolding from nokia, things are not likely to go the consumers desires way soon, I quickly condole myself with the technologically evolving Android Phone.

    Great thanks to Allah dt it is not only nokia in d mobile industry, otherwise, they would have turned themselves into a Cold Blooded Heart Breaker…

  7. Nokia seem rather synonymous to MTN to me lol…living on past glory and not waking up to new competitions around.. For instance why would they price nokia E6 that high?….20k higher than C7 with same specs just cause its symbian anna…i’m still split on waiting for a symbian belle device or go for android…

    Imagine this scenario..current symbian^3 owners will get the symbian anna update afterall no matter how long…but whats the assurance of symbian belle? If u waste your money on nokia E6, X7 at the moment, wat happens when WP7 or even cheaper symbian belle comes out in 8months???

  8. Amasha,

    Sorry o, Nokia’s girlfriend 😉

    The X7 is out of it for me because I am a hardware keyboard person.

    And I am having second thoughts about the E6 because it has the same less-than-satisfactory EDoF camera that I am griping about on the E7. Auto-focus please!

    Oh, plus I am positive that the E6 is too expensive at it’s current price.

  9. NOKIA! NOKIA!! NOKIA!!! a dog that will get lost will surely not hear the hunter’s whistle (african proverb). wake up now before it is too late. a word is surely enough for the wise…………….

  10. The Honest truth is that we’ll never be satisfied no matter what NOKIA brings out. Technology advances every single day like we all know. Today we want something and the next day great innovation springs something different to die for.

    And yes Yomi,you know now……I’m Nokia’s girlfriend

  11. Amasha,

    Innovation? In this context, a UI and a browser that is just catching up with the rest of the smartphone world, and that has been delayed eternally?

    Please, my lady.

  12. I have always been of the opinion that Nokia spends too much on Adverts. If you disagree, you can always Google for proof.

    Nokia is out to make money and we are out to enjoy each kobo we spend. So I really have to be convinced to drop my cash for a device when there are other capable devices out there.

    Samsung Galaxy SII is currently selling in millions and Apple lover are seriously waiting for iPhone5 in September.

    Its really becoming hard these day to convince myself to go buy a Nokia phone.

  13. Its really becoming hard these days to convince myself to go buy a Nokia phone, Even though I remain a hardcore Nokia fan.

    This wait must worth it oh.

  14. You guys should chill. Sony still ships devices with android 1.6 if am not mistaking. Many android users,in fact most android users dont have the latest update. It cuts across board,meaning d big shots like HTC and Samsung still havent pushed the latest android to their customers.

    Many new if not most new android devices dont come with the latest firmware so what are we saying? Nokia has done well to provide for old users. Its even more commendable when u rmb that they are moving to a new platform.

    Don’t get me wrong, my dream phone is an HTC Sensation or a Samsung Galaxy but do u guys realise that those phones cost way more than the average nokia symbian phone? How many times does RIM update their phones? Even phones like BB Torch are not getting the new OS for blackberrry.

    Someone said Nokia has been overtaken as the largest phone manufacturer,thats false,they have only been overtaken in the smartphone market and thats in europe n america.

    In Africa n most parts of Asia, Nokia still leads because most of us can avoid smartphones only because Nokia produces relatively cheaper smartphones. Just imagine how a #30k HTC phone willl be,will it even have this level of manufacturer support? I dont think so. Let Nokia be

  15. Na wao… Nokia’s approach makes more sence to me. when I think of its aim as getting more costomers. The Symbian^3 devices was already dieing on shelves as sales were reported to have droped. But the Anna update brought live to it again and is tempting more people to buy. Updating the already available devices would’ve not help as much as delaying it cos I think of my c7 as a dead device waiting for a kiss from Anna to bounce back to life, at least Spacyzuma confirms he already got a fake Anna to do the kissing. Thats the whole idea, adding to the number of devices and making those with the old device wait. Its actually working cos am waiting despirately

  16. Douglas,

    Its cool that Nokia’s approach makes sense to you. Still, that does not change how Nokia’s loyal core fans see it.

    When a brand annoys the majority of its core fans that way, its simply trouble.

  17. Efemena,

    It is that attitude of Sony Ericsson in shipping devices with outdated OS and delaying updates that keeps their fans irked, keeps their sales from growing the way it should, and keeps them as a small player in the smartphone market.

    If you ask us to chill because Nokia are following that path, we will. But the results are clear then.

    I was once a hard core Sony Ericsson fan, but I eventually moved on (and I know many others like myself).

    Now, I only take a cursory look at SE smartphones from time to time.

  18. Efemena,

    To address many of your positions:

    It is not true that Android manufacturers are not pushing the latest updates to their customers. They are. HTC are. Samsung are. LG are. Especially on their top-end devices.

    You asked how many times BB users get updates to their phones. Perhaps that is why BlackBerry and Nokia seem to be bed-fellows in troubled smartphone waters?

    You asked what a 30k HTC would look like. I have no idea until they make one. But Samsung have Android devices in that price range. So do LG. And those devices are good.

    The last time I checked, there are no 30k devices running Symbian^3 or Anna either. Or getting this update. You are off-point there.

    You asked people to let Nokia be. Dear sir, they are. Which partly explains the drop in sales, marketshare and mindshare. They are letting Nokia be. That, sir, is a real problem for my dear friends at Nokia.

  19. posting this via my S60v3 via symbian anna browser lol….odd isn’t it? When the real high end users are still waiting….

    Come to think of it.. this is 2011 and we are talking about fixed focus cameras on a 100k phone? Nokia E7….nokia is sleeping truly!

  20. Am not saying Nokia is doing well but on this update issue theres no difference between Nokia and the rest. HTC phones are not updated the same time,same with samsung. On most of their new phones,you usually see shipping with Android 2.1 or 2.2 but upgradeable to 2.3. Many of their phones are just getting 2.3. Correct me if am wrong but 2.3 has been out for months. This affects even the high end tablet market. They usually ship with an older firmware with a promise that it will be upgraded. It happened with motorola xoom and some others. Dunno about 30k LG android fones but I used a low end samsung android phone,it was running 2.1 and 2.3 is already out. Bottomline is what Nokia is doing whether good or bad is the same thing samsung and htc do. The only manufacturer that may be different is apple and thats because they have very few fones to upgrade.Their constumers use identical devices that is 3GS and 4G

  21. To further buttress my point,i just saw the distribution table of d various android versions. The latest Gingerbread(for phones) which came out Feb 2011(5 months ago) is only on 19% of android phones while froyo which is d previous version has a whooping 60% share. What does that say. Almost six months after. Just went through Mobile Crunch, HTC Droid Incredible 2 is getting Gingerbread this weekend.Imagine that.Heres the catch,it was released April 2011 meaning some older htc fone may have gotten gingerbread before this new phone. Now tell me,does it sound different from what nokia is doing?

  22. Here’s a perfect example: HTC DESIRE got gingerbread update weeks before HTC DROID INCREDIBLE 2. Needless to say HTC DESIRE is older. It even had issues to be sorted like memory before this update could be pushed yet it still got updated before droid incredible2 which is a very new device that should have shipped with gingerbread in the first place

  23. Efemena,

    Like Nokia, you are still getting the issue wrong. Your examples and clarifications involve different devices – HTC Desire versus HTC Incredible 2. I have no issues with such a scenario. There is no law that says that a newer device should run the latest firmware. It all depends on the target of the manufacturer.

    For example, Nokia still ships some devices running S60
    v3 and v5 – and those will NEVER get Symbian^3 or Anna. Demographics, etc. No problem with that.

    Here is the point You keep missing – focus on one device (say the N8). Those who purchased the N8 early (say December last year, think of that) still do not have the update and have to wait till August ending to get it, while the same N8 (not another device) is being sold in the Market with Anna running on it.

    Mind that given Nokia’s penchant for delays, those early adopters are just better off fixing their minds on September anyway.

    Same device. Early adopters of that device are punished. Or rubbished. Same device.

    This is also the same with the C7 and E7. Early adopters of those devices are being rubbished. That, dear sir, is pure bollocks from my friends at Nokia.

    What Nokia are doing is far different from what those other manufacturers that you have mentioned are doing. And Nokia does not need this kind of scenario now. They already have enough trouble as things stand. But they are not getting it.

    I hope you get the point now.

  24. 60 phones, 30 of them Nokia. Na wa wa. Not even any of Nokia West Africa staff can beat that.

    Whilst we’re on the brutal truth stage, I’d say someone who calls himself “Mister Mobility” should necessarily be neutral and not align himself publicly to any specific platform. Okay? 😉 🙂

  25. Oluniyi,


    Whilst we’re on the brutal truth stage, I’d say someone who calls himself “Mister Mobility” should necessarily be neutral and not align himself publicly to any specific platform.

    Actually, I am very neutral as these things go. I have used more Nokia devices since 2001 because they have been more available than devices from other manufacturers. Nokia also offer warranty and support that I don’t get from elsewhere. Not much that I can do about that. Perhaps other manufacturers need to step up their game?

    I also think it is okay to be truthful about my personal mobile computing preferences and why they are so. They are personal. Inspite of those personal preferences, so far I have had no problems being objective with issues as regards all platforms.

    Mister Mobility has no alignments towards any specific platforms, dear friend. And please do feel free to call me out should I slip up about this. Friends should have no problems telling one another the truth.

    Thanks and cheers!

  26. Yomi,
    Correct if I am wrong: Shouldn’t this letter be addressed to Accenture? I remember reading somewhere that they now in charge of the Symbian OS support till 2016?

  27. Hot debate indeed. But for Efemena, i will say the reason for froyo having 60% share on the android platform is besause of the satisfaction it gives. Not like the gingerbread update wont offer extra, it in fact enables video chat on gtalk. But if the experience i have on android 2.2 is anything like the S^3, i will definitely shout for an update.The symbian Anna offers a whole new turn-around in UI, therefore the crave for it.

  28. That’s why by 2012, Samsung will overtake Nokia in the smartphone sector, and HTC will keep growing. They give regular updates to older phones. Samsung just started releasing Gingerbread to the Galaxy Ace, and older phones like the Samsung Epic 4G [CDMA/SlideoutQWERTY/Eclair] are getting theirs soon.

    As for Sony Ericsson, I’ve been waiting and saving my money for the Xperia Pro since February, and now lates rumors are saying October before it’s release. When they’re almost releasing the ‘txt’ and Xperia Ray !!! *smh*

  29. Shayman,

    Actually, devices like the X7 and E6 will get the Belle update, so it won’t exactly be a waste to purchase them.

    It’s just that, if how Anna has been handled is anything to go by, owners of current Symbian^3 devices won’t get the Belle update until after……….feel free to fill in the blanks!

  30. Its not as if this symbian anna is good enough to match android and iOS..We are just talkin about an update thats not even up to competition yet…So why d delay?

  31. @Efemena

    There is something in the Android world that you have totally ignored. SKINS

    I find it very hard to compare Android update delay with Symbian, cos Google always update plain Android in time i.e Nexus.

    Other phones dont get updated in time because of the SKINS that the manufactures have on their phones. HTC Sense etc

    And I don’t think there is any other manufacturer that sells the same phone with an updated firmware like Nokia. Believe me, if you had bought yours b4 and a friend just got 1 with Anna, u certainly will ask yourself —-Y did I buy this early.

    Only A good friend tells you the Truth.

  32. Well written article. Nokia needs to do more to encourage their early adopters and not just alienate them. I remember when the iphone was first sold in 2007 for 600 dollars! When the price was dropped a couple of months later to 499 dollars, Apple gave the early adopters a 100 dollars rebate. Nokia should do same. I would prefer they get the anna update to the early adopters first before releasing new phones running the updates.

    However, Since the mistake is already made; the Anna update should COME OUT as announced and any delay should not be tolerated. No need crying over spilled milk!!!

  33. Amasha,

    Clearly you can see how serious Nokia fans and users take this matter. Hopefully, Nokia are coming to terms with that too.

    I agree that Anna or no Anna, life goes on. It is just that I am sure that Nokia wouldnt want to see that life to “go on” on competing platforms i.e. defection to other platforms. They should have had enough of that by now.

    Hope lesson is learnt.

  34. It’s not today i’ve dreamt of a c7-even saved Ramadanically for it-but i heard new ones would come with anna. So i’ve waited. Its now august-no sign of anna c7. Let me see what happens next month

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