Nokia's Ovi Mail and Chat now powered by Yahoo

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If you are a user of Ovi Mail, Nokia has announced that the service is now powered by Yahoo!, and the process of migrating Mail users to the new experience has started.

With Yahoo! now powering Ovi Mail and Chat, users get a faster and more powerful Mail experience with new features that make your email experience better. In addition, Chat users will be able to experience Chat on the web for the first time! Also, Ovi Mail or Chat users can now use their Nokia or Ovi account to log in to other Yahoo! services like Yahoo! News or Finance.

Mail powered by Yahoo! is already running, and you can immediately start using the updated web experience at Although you can use all of the new functionality immediately, you might notice that you don’t see all of your emails or contacts right away. Nokia however assures you that all of your data is safe. The reason you won’t see it yet is due to the fact that the migration may take up to a couple of weeks to be completed.

You’ll be able to send and receive emails and enjoy the new experience completely, but it may take several days to see all of your old emails, contact lists, or account settings. You’ll receive an email from Nokia once your data has been fully migrated to Yahoo!.

If you haven’t yet accepted the Terms of Service it’s not too late. Just go to and accept. You have 90 days following the beginning of the migration on April 6th, 2011, to pull your email and contact data into the new experience. Following those 90 days, you can still join, although without the benefit of your previous data.



  1. Accepted my T&C a while ago.

    My problem now is that once I log into the Yahoo Ovi it logs me out of my normal yahoo mail, so I have to use a diffrent browser.

    I thought the mails will be mergered, or did I miss something.

    Least I forget, Yahoo Ovi mail uses the All new Yahoo Mail Beta, and I was given the opportunity to switch to Yahoo Mail Beta when I logged back to my normail Yahoo Mail

  2. That is my major gripe about yahoo. You cannot log into multiple devices at the same time. Like you cannot be on Yahoo messsenger chat on your PC and Phone at the same time.

    So Bosun, the problem is with the yahoo Platform and not Ovi Chat!

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