Nokia has announced that its Ovi Store has reached 3 million downloads per day, a milestone spurred by overall global demand and a recent update

Nokia’s Ovi Store downloads hit 3 million a day as developer support surges

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Scr000016Nokia has announced that its Ovi Store has reached 3 million downloads per day, a milestone spurred by overall global demand and a recent update that gives users of Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone family a friendlier look and feel as well as more popular apps and games.

Developer interest in the Symbian platform has also surged with more than 400, 000 new developers joining Forum Nokia in the past 12 months.

“Ovi Store is on a strong trajectory fueled by new apps and games from a growing number of partners and more than 250,000 new consumers signing up for Ovi every day,” said Tero Ojanperä, Executive Vice President, Services, Nokia. “The number of daily downloads has increased from about 2 million to 3 million since September. We anticipate our progress will continue as we have just begun shipping our new Symbian smartphones.”

Personally, I have found the Ovi Store useful again and again, not only for downloading free apps but paid apps as well. Nigeria-issued debit/credit cards are accepted. Just yesterday, I purchased JoikuSpot Premium 3.0 right on my Nokia N8, and it was a smooth operation.

Read the full press release.


  1. Wow i did not know that nigerian debit and credit cards were accepted in the ovi store, i was assuming they would go the way of paypal. Consider me impressed with nokia 🙂

  2. this feat at best is just becoming adequate for Nokia. the APPle app store achieved this feat years ago. infact, they celebrated their 2 billion downloads earlier in the year.

    Why the NOkia store could be regarded as laudable however is that they support more countries and regions when compared to Apple or Android.

    with the NOKIA N8, What I”d like to see is for major app developers to produce apps for medical textbooks and medical apps supporting the symbian ecosystem. only if that is done before i can credibly think of moving to SYMBIAN. if not? NOKIA should woo more developers. especially american ones. they are the ones who make most of the medical stuffs.

  3. Really good to learn that t the Ovi Store accepts Nigerian dr/cr cards. Wonderful!

    Now if other major international companies can emulate this example…

    I Have used Joikuspot Lite (free) in the past. It seemed that it was disconnecting intermittently, making it impractical for certain tasks.

    I hope the premium
    version really DOES solve this problem!

    It appears version 3.1 is available.. now…

  4. i have been avoiding nokia for years.. but they seem to be taking the right steps these days attracting my type back to the fold. my very first phone was a nokia (3310). however, i have since gone with the likes of sonyericsson, windows mobile and now android. basically, this is because nokia seems to be too conservative with design… their phones are always the same though with improvements in capabilities. the UI and build are practically same. i love listening to music on my phone for example, but nokia is yet to get it right with audio quality compared with what is obtainable on sonyericsson, HTC e.t.c. But with the unbeatable record of support for nigerian users by nokia, they might just have people like me back. Imagine been able to purchase apps with our nigerian debit cards….isn’t that great!! then i also learned the ovi map (with voice navigation) is very detailed compared to google map. The only thing remaining for nokia to do now (for their smartphone where my interest is) is make the UI more interesting/ exciting, more high end apps (thanks God we can now pay for them)and the phones themselves less bulky (my sgs is damn thing, 9.9mm and as light as a feather).

  5. I am surprised that the issue of being able to use Nigerian credit/debit cards is generting so much excitement. I have been making putchases in the Ovi Store that way for ages.

    I made purchases when I had the N900, and if my memory is sound also when I had the venerable E90. The Ovi Store has been open to Nigeria for ages.

  6. Indeed, Nigerian credit cards have not been an issue with the Ovi Store. However, I’d like to see Nokia take the next step by introducing Operator Billing. This is the most effective method in a society like ours with an absent credit card culture. I’m sure Nokia, the operators(MTN,GLO, ETISALAT,ZAIN) and the software developers have everything to gain from this model.

  7. Is there a mobile site for ovi store? Cos i cant seem to access the full site from my phone. I also got a mail from nokia that soon ovi contact will support yahoo messenger so you can access your yahoo friends from ovi.

  8. Being able to buy apps is very important on modern day smartphones. It is advisable that Nokia does a full page advert for this. I bet you, most people dont know.

  9. It was just three (3) weeks ago that it was announced that Ovi Store downloads had hit the 3 million mark. Well, its at 3.5 million daily now. That is impressive growth, and the momentum is bound to build as more apps arrive.

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