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If all you know of Nollywood is AfricaMagic and AfricaMagic Yoruba, you are missing out on the best of Nigerian movies. You should have a look at the selection of Nigerian movies available on a number of other apps.

Nollywood is the 3rd largest movie industry in the world. While it has taken a lot of flak over the years for churning out half-baked movies, it is beginning to produce solid movies with global appeal. And some of those movies have made it to Netflix.

Yes; you will find Nollywood titles on Netflix. Some of them include: The Duplex, a horror flick; The Arbitration; The Department; and Fifty, among others.

Dayo is an avowed hater of Nollywood movies. Yesterday, he stumbled on The Arbitration and has repented of his sinful ways. He had been gushing about how good the movie is. I have seen quite a few too and thoroughly enjoyed them. There was one that went south quite a bit, but we can forgive that.

What is cause for celebration is that Nollywood has finally come of age in recent years with movies that have very solid plots and are of good production quality. We are even beginning to see the rise of websites that publish Nigerian movie reviews.

My own experience with Nigerian movies on iROKOtv has been good too. In a number of cases, the movie plots and executions have been mind-blowing.

Nollywood movies on Netflix, iROKOtv, DStv

If all you know of Nigeria’s movie industry are AfricaMagic and AfricaMagic Yoruba, you are missing out on the best of them. The very best are hardly ever available on those channels.

Nollywood movies on Netflix

Kudos to the writers, producers, musicians, actors and others who are behind this new crop of movies. It is great to see Nollywood titles taking their place among the best that the world has to offer

Netflix Original

In September 2018, the rights to Genievieve Nnaji’s movie, Lionheart, were acquired by Netflix to make it the first Netflix Original from Nigeria.

And Nigeria’s movie industry has grown to become the 2nd largest in the world.

Also, with ROK Studios now available on 3 channels on DStv, you can enjoy the new, really good movies that are hitting the screens.

If you want the best of Naija movies, you will find them on the following services and apps:

  1. Netflix,
  2. iROKOtv
  3. ROK channels on DStv


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  1. It’s good for our entertainment industry u know

    They just needed to step up in terms of execution of their movies

    Thank God that day has come


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