None of the emerging smartphone brands are doing Android Lollipop yet

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Infinix, TECNO, Innjoo, and other “emerging” smartphone brands are consistently churning out new products. That is great. But none of them runs Android 5.0 Lollipop. All of their recent smartphones launched run Android Kitkat. Why are these brands not putting out the latest Android OS?

One, Lollipop has been out for several months now. Two, it doesn’t cost anything to get their hands on it. Three, apart from Innjoo, OS and UI customisations are minimal. Four, mainstream smartphone brands are pushing out Lollipop on their new flagships. If emerging brands want to be seen as real competitors to the established brands, perhaps it is time for them to start keeping up – at least with their flagships – with up-to-date software.

Consider that feelers of Android M are already out there and you wonder when consumers will see Android Lollipop on these brands. Hey guys, give your fans a taste of Lollipop already. And do keep up with the rest of the pack.

  1. This type of conversation gets rolled out ever so often when it comes to Android phones. You shouldn’t be surprised that many emerging market manufacturers are churning out phones with ICS and even Jelly Bean!

    To be honest, unless you’re really into your gadget, I don’t think Lollipop on a device will make a blind difference to the average emerging market user.

    In fact, you people who will complain have more often than not rooted your phones and upgraded to Lollipop, so remind me, what’s the big deal again? How much are those on KitKat really missing without Lollipop?

  2. Mlais M7 and M52, Elephone P7000, Ecoo E04 all have lollipop and are better than most Qualcomm phones of even 2014. Some of these phones compete with Galaxy S6 and are all below 200 dollars average

  3. LOLLIPOP is worst, i prefer kitkat and jellybean for so many reasons…Lollipop sucks battery like kilode, so even if dey provide the updates, i will never update…The innjoo Fire pro will be launching with lollipop tho.

  4. u jes have the feeling u are missing out if not on d latest os, wanna see/feel what Google b adding

  5. @ehis. So i read,so i thought. If thats the case its not worth it.Kitkat is good enough.

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