Do NOT buy this “Universal Wireless Wifi”

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Somewhere along the line, someone will attempt to sell this “universal wireless wifi” to you. It may be a roadside hawker at Computer Village, Ikeja. It may be a hawker in Lagos traffic. It may be a street salesman in Benin City. It is touted as supporting 4G and having 24-hour battery life. Have a good look at the product:

fake wireless wifi pack

fake wireless wifi pack rear

The supposed universal wifeless wifi is nothing more than a USB memory card reader and perhaps a regular USB modem. There is no battery, so this thing won’t give you a wireless hotspot. There is no charging port. there is no 16GB memory built in. Here it is opened up:

fake wireless wifi open

For good effect, an Etisalat SIM pack (or a pack from another network) will likely be bundled with it – with the enticing promo of three months free browsing. We are sure that none of the GSM networks are involved in this racket. Buying a SIM pack off a street dealer is how much these days? That’s what the scammers likely did.

The entire wireless wifi package is completely fake – a scam (well; the SIM cards are likely to be authentic). There is an included mini CD in the product package, and even that won’t install a software to make this thing work as a modem with your PC. Do NOT waste your money. Buy us a cup of coffee later!


  1. Now, I understand why correct “packaging” and imaginative marketing can sell ice to a gullible Eskimo

    Buy us a cup of coffee later!

    Actually coffee is bad for the hyperactive ones. The doctors agree!

  2. I can’t see what’s attractive about this. The packaging and writing alone is enough to put me off. I don’t think Eskimos are that gullible.

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