Note 7: South Korea has new regulations for smartphone makers

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Last year, Samsung released the now-infamous Galaxy Note 7. The tech giants expected the Note 7 to be their flagship device. However, Samsung had to recall the device almost immediately; something was terribly wrong with it. Specifically, the Note 7 kept exploding. Well, this put a dampener on their plans, to put it mildly. There was a massive recall of the device, and Samsung experienced huge losses. Mostly because of this, Apple’s iPhone 7 experienced huge sales.

At the tail-end of last year, Samsung launched an investigation into the matter. Several companies were involved; it all boiled down to “huge, inexcusable battery defect”. Therefore, Samsung discontinued the manufacture and sale of the Note 7. The device was written off, just like that. However, the fallout from that fiasco has not abated. Samsung itself has admitted that they will take stricter measures to make sure that this sort of thing does not happen again. They are not alone in this.

The South Korean government launched its own investigation into the Note 7 issue. At the end of it, they announced a series of measures that would affect all smartphone makers who sell devices within their jurisdiction. The Korean Agency for Technology Standards analyzed 14 overheated smartphones, 40 normal Note 7 units, and 169 batteries from Samsung. They found out that the galaxy Note 7 batteries had a totally different design; this was why they kept blowing up. Apparently, the batteries had anode materials across both poles, unlike other models. That was all; “the high bump of the both poles and the adherence faults in insulating tapes highly likely caused the explosions”, said a report by the Ministry of Industry.

Note that the recall procedure by Samsung wasn’t all that awesome; the company at first did not make it known if they were going to recall the device or not. Well, the South Korean government is not Samsung; they now require the device manufacturers to report explosions and fires as soon as they happen. They also have to launch an investigation in to the cause of the explosion immediately. This is to prove if it was a flaw in the design or an external force that caused the explosion. This would help the government, so that they can advise consumers to stop using the device before the company makes a recall. This is a good idea, guys. It means, therefore, that the Note 7 eventually led to something good.


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