The Note 9’s Bluetooth-enabled S Pen is a big Improvement

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One key thing separates Samsung’s Note series from other phones is the S Pen, an electronic stylus that extends the functionality of the device. And so it is with Samsung Galaxy Note9. Not only is there an S Pen with the Note 9, it is now Bluetooth-enabled and comes with smarter features.

The new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen is water-resistant like the Note 9, has all the traditional functions from the past, and adds new ones.

Features Of The Note 9’s Bluetooth-enabled S Pen

Using the Bluetooth connection, you can now use the S Pen as a remote shutter for the camera, a presentation remote with Samsung’s DeX, and for music controls. It also supports three input actions – you can short press, long press and double press it to achieve different actions.

If you press and hold the S Pen button, the Note 9 camera gets launched. That is the default action, but you can customize it to launch any app of your choice.

All of the new Bluetooth-powered functionality of the S Pen results in more power drain, so you will need to charge it more often if you use it a lot. Thankfully, Samsung has implemented some form of super-fast charging for it. When you slide the S Pen into its holster in the phone, it fully recharges in just 40 seconds to give you an hour’s usage time.

And even if the S Pen runs out of battery, it is still usable just like any other regular dumb stylus.

The Bluetooth-enabled S Pen has a range of 10 meters, so it should work quite well as a presentation clicker in smaller settings.

Note 9 Bluetooth-enabled S Pen - Galaxy Note9 S Pen

3rd Party Support

Samsung says that it will release an SDK later this year to open the new S Pen to developers, so they can build compatible functionality into their apps.

If you have been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it looks like the new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen makes the wait worth it.


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