• Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Now just about anybody can stalk you on Facebook

As if our privacy wasn’t disregarded enough already, things just got much more instrusive. The faces of Facebook is a web app that lets you access every single user’s profile picture available on Facebook, in the order in which the users joined Facebook. The default landing page is a live counter of existing Facebook accounts.


I find the rate at which the counter increments very interesting. People are joining Facebook by the microsecond!

Clicking on any area of the page will show you faces from within that area.


You can also login with your Facebook to find out what position you are among the over 1.2 billion Facebook users (and counting); apparently for early-adopter bragging rights.

For me, that’s where the excitement ends. Beyond that, it’s just a further intrusion on my privacy. I don’t particularly like the fact that anybody can view my profile photo whether I’m friends with them or not.

The creator assures us they “are not breaking any Facebook privacy rules because we don’t store anyone’s private information, picture and names”. Okay… but I don’t think “Facebook” and “privacy” could ever go together in the same sentence, so this is just not making sense to me. Either way, it’s one less thing I have to worry about as I am no longer on Facebook.

If this sort of thing piques your interest, you can check the app out at app.thefacesoffacebook.com


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2 thoughts on “Now just about anybody can stalk you on Facebook”
  1. This is completely harmless, I already checked it out earlier today, and IMHO there’s nothing invasive about it, it’s just the profile pictures, you can’t even access someone’s acct through it, so stop being an alarmist.

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