I was visiting WapReview early this morning and ran into a news item posted by Dennis Bournique about a new mobile-friendly file sharing service named

Now Mobile Web Users can upload and share files

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I was visiting WapReview early this morning and ran into a news item posted by Dennis Bournique about a new mobile-friendly file sharing service named QFS.mobi. According to Dennis, QFS.mobi is:

…a free mobile file hosting service with a clean mobile friendly interface, no timers and a minimum of ads. It lets you upload, host and share files (up to 10MB) from your mobile phone. Files can be downloaded by anyone or password protected.

After uploading a file you are given a unique download link and the option to share the link by SMS or Email. Files not downloaded within 30 days will be deleted.

You can upload from any phone whose browser supports the html input tag’s “file” attribue (which enables browse for file functionality). Including the iPhone, Windows Mobile, most Nokias and Opera Mini, Bolt or UCWEB (on phones with JSR 75 support). Surprisingly, browse for file is not supported by any version of the Android browser. A workaround for Android users is to use Opera Mini 4.2 but you would think a modern, open-source, smartphone operating system like Android would support such a basic html function.

gfsmobi homeEverytime a file is downloaded, its availability is extended by another 30 days. Uploaded files can also be password-protected so that they are not available for download by just anyone.

I was surprised to read that the built-in Android browser does not have browse for file functionality. Since everyone here at the office have been drooling over the Samsung Jet, I loaded QFS.mobi on its Dolphin browser to see its capabilities in this respect.

The Jet’s browser rose up to the task, and I was able to upload a picture taken earlier with the Jet’s 5 megapixel camera.

After uploading, I was presented with options to copy the link, send it as an SMS, or email it. Nice.

Here’s the QFS.mobi download link for the image that I uploaded: http://qfs.mobi/f67. Don’t attempt to download if you are not running a bundle plan. It is over 2mb file large, being a product of a 5 megapixel camera.

Here are a few screenshots showing the process:

browse for file
Uploading of the file in process after selecting the picture via theJet's built-in file manager

upload done
Uploading completed
qfs uploaded to
After uploading, the link URL is displayed and options to Copy, SMS or Email the link also presented

QFS.mobi is certainly a URL to bookmark for those occassions when you are out and about and need to put a special picture or image up for friends and/or business colleagues to download.

Caution: Don’t go uploading large files unless you are on a bundle internet plan.

News Source: WapReview.mobi


  1. Thank you for this precious information. Have bookmarked this site. The user to which this can be put is only limited by your imagination…

    The issue of uploading ‘eating up’ precious bytes. Would love to know if users (SHOULD Be Or) actually get charged for uplinks (in addition to downlinks).

    Would it be unreasonable to expect NOT to be charged for uplinks (after all, we do not pay for RECEIVING calls, sms, voicenails, etc). Why is (should data (be) any DIFFERENT?

    Analogous to this -telephone companies get paid for receiving calls by the originating network. Who pays the receiving network if the incoming call is an international one?

  2. I would have loved to add this comment to one of those articles on Nokia Maps 3.0 but it looked like u have disabled addition of comments to them. Ok, here goes:
    I ran into this article on (m.gizmodo.com) that says that from today, turn by turn navigation for Nokia Maps 3.0 will be free, that is no more payment for drive & walk navigation, map updates and traffic updates.
    Everything about Nokia Maps is now free. Initially it will be available to 10 phones with more to be added later.

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