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Etisalat has finally decided to unzip the sealed lips and according to them, “now you are talking”. Does anybody know someone that’s already talking on Etisalat? I don’t and don’t even have the slightest idea where to get their SIM card to test the network.

Oh! Forgive me, now I remember that at the WAFRITEL expo, I had the privileg of placing a call through to my wife using their network. The call was crisp, clear and loud. What can I say? Will this still be the case when subscribers start increasing on the network? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I have been informed that Etisalat is offering subscribers the opportunity to reserve their unique Etisalat (0809) numbers for FREE, as well as get 300 seconds free airtime every month for life. From the Etisalat website:

The etisalat 0809uchoose campaign allows you to pick and reserve your own unique etisalat number. It is available to all mobile subscribers.

You simply call 0809uchoose i.e 0809 8 246673 (standard rates for off-net calls apply) or visit our website on Then select your unique etisalat mobile number of your choice starting with the etisalat prefix from the range 0809 8000 000 to 0809 8999 999. The choice is subject to availability.

After you have done this, look out for a text message notifying you when and where your SIM card can be picked up or visit one of our etisalat pick-up points. These will be announced to you via a text message shortly before our commercial launch.

This SMS will not be received immediately after reservation but shortly before redemption starts.

Fellow contributor here on, Yomi Adegboye, has already reserved his unique 0809 number – and I’m off to get mine too!

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