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Some months ago, we did an article asking you what phones you wanted if cost was not an issue. Your responses showed us that there is indeed a market opportunity that we could fill. And that is exactly what we are doing now.


Mobility Nigeria has stepped up to the plate to make it easy for you to get the phones of your dreams via our new product called The Phone Club. While we have offered instalment payments on a small scale in the last two years – and so have been able to iron out the wrinkles in the system – we are now throwing it open to the public.

How It Works
Basically, you join our Club (there is a registration/processing fee). Once we are done processing your application (7 days), you are ready to start purchasing your phone on an instalment basis.

Half the cost of the target phone is required as deposit, and the balance can be spread across a maximum of six (6) months. We would love to give you a longer re-payment period, but we think its best to keep things this way for now. Over time, we will extend the re-payment plan for members who prove themselves credit-worthy.

The good news is that whether its the iPhone4, the Desire, the Galaxy S, Blackberry Torch, or the N8, your dream phone is no longer outside your reach.

Of course, terms and conditions apply, but those terms are not hidden. Head over to the official VIP Membership page for complete details.


  1. Must the cost of the phone you wish to lease be 40,000 NGN and above? Can you buy something cheaper, like 35,000 NGN?

  2. Afewgoodmen,

    We didn’t think that people would want to use this service for lower-priced phones. You are welcome to use it for phones of any price.

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