Now, you can Find Friends on BBM

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BlackBerry Messenger has got a new feature that lets you find people in your Contacts who are already on the service.

Find friends on BBM

The way it works is this: In BBM, hit the menu and select “Find Friends on BBM”. You will be presented with a list consisting of both those already active on BBM and you can simply invite those, and those who are not. In the case of the latter, they will receive a message inviting them to download the BBM app. The “Find Friends on BBM” feature does not display or reveal anyone’s PIN to the user. It only provides the option to send an invite request. I suspect that it matches email addresses in your Contact list with BlackBerry IDs in the BBM database to come up with that list.

In my opinion, Find Friends on BBM is a vital addition to the app. It sure will help a lot more people connect via BBM. I gave it a spin yesterday, and found about 20 people who I already have in my Contacts but had no idea they were on BBM. Oh yes; now I have crossed the 100 contacts mark on BBM. Party, anyone? Give it a spin and share your experiences with it.

  1. Good one.

    This method would surely appeal to people concerned about giving out phone numbers before connecting to casual acquaintances, ,as is done by WhatsApp and a few others.

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