Now you’re talking… but is it just about talk?

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This article was informed by the media war between new GSM entrant, Etisalat whose rally cry is, “Now you’re talking”, and MTN who has launched a new media campaign with the rider, “Much more than talk”. Obviously, this is MTN’s response to Etisalat.

And MTN has a point, I must admit. Yes; at present, Etisalat has one of the lowest voice tariffs in the market. I say “one of the lowest”, because in reality Zain has the lowest, offering subscribers 39kobo per second on calls within the western region.

As such, Etisalat’s 40kobo per second Homezone deal comes a close second. Still, its not all about talk. MTN’s media blaze touts the Y’ellow network’s presently unbeatable data services among others.

MTN 3.5G video camera, free mobile internet, 3.5G data card, Free midnight calls (as against Etisalat’s 10k per second during the same hours), are among the cards MTN is placing on the table.

It is a lot of fun to watch, and best of all, the winner is the subscriber. Etisalat will not win. Neither will Zain nor Glo. We, the end-users, will laugh last. Though I am not a prophet, I assure you that you can take that to the bank.