The Ntel 4G internet settings that you need

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So, you have finally got your Ntel 4G SIM, subscribed to one of the data plans and are ready to start burning that unlimited internet package during the initial 3-month data test drive. Maybe you have a compatible smartphone, mifi or modem and need to configure it for use. We have the Ntel 4G internet settings that you need to use available for you right here on

ntel 4G internet settings

First, make sure that your device is Flexible Division Duplex (FDD) with support for LTE 3 (1800MHz) and 8 (900MHz) spectrum bands. Usually, this information is available on the product packaging or documentation.

Second, go to the Mobile Networks on your phone and select Select 4G (recommended) or LTE Only as your preferred network mode.

Lastly, got to Access Point Names (APN) settings. Create a new APN and name it “Ntel 4G”. Depending on the device that you have, the settings may vary slightly. Try Option A below:

Ntel 4G internet settings Option A

APN: ntel
username: ntel
password: ntel

Don’t touch any other fields in the APN settings. Save the APN, select it as your active APN and try to browse. If you are unable to browse with the above, try the Option B below:

Ntel 4G internet settings Option B

APN: ntel
username: blank
password: blank

If you are still unable to browse with either of the above settings, the other APN fields may need minor adjusting. Just drop a comment below and I just might be able to guide you.


  1. Hello please am using unlocked swift modem and have tried all the about 2 setting but can’t still browse please kindly help me out

  2. Hello Dorarch,

    That is strange. I use mine in an unlocked Swift mifi with the second settings and it works fine.

    Have you tried any other SIM in the mifi to make sure it was properly unlocked?

  3. Yes have tried different aims in it before, though it connect show uploading and downloading but didn’t browse, so maybe it’s from them and am heading to their office now maybe it hasn’t been activated yet. Thanks for the reply so grateful

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