Up till a year ago, I was pumped up about Ntel NG, the 4G operator that took off in 2015. The service’s web-based top-up page began to give issues and things snow-balled from there.


Ntel NG 4G service: It must have been love

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Up till a year ago, I was still pumped up about Ntel NG, the 4G mobile operator that was launched in 2015 with a 4G/LTE-Advanced  network. Service was smooth, the connection was fast, and all was well with the world. But I had no idea that trouble was not far off.


I used Ntel 4G for both personal and business use. It was fast and reliable and I could not get enough of it. And whenever friends, associates and clients asked for a reliable 4G service they could use, I always asked them to take a look at Ntel NG if coverage was present at their location.

A good product promotes itself and Ntel 4G was.


The Ntel NG cookie began to crumble

I had recommended the network to some clients of ours and their experience had been very good till about early to mid-2018. Suddenly, when it was time for them to renew their service, they began to experience hiccups. Renewing their subscription became a herculean task.

It was either the Ntel NG portal was down or it was not recognising their line. After a few months of struggling with it (and I helped too), my clients gave up. They have not picked up their Ntel SIM and mifi devices since then.

Ntel NG top up
The Ntel NG top-up page disappeared.

At that time, my Ntel 4G line still worked for me, and I continued to put it to use. Their Unlimited Monthly data plan was my preferred. It was my experience with that plan that inspired my 2016 article, Once you go Unlimited, nothing else feels right. It is difficult to imagine that I wrote that article 3 years ago.

Unfortunately, I am now back to dealing with regular capped data bundles from another network. It doesn’t feel right, but what am I to do? Don’t talk to me about Smile’s unlimited data plans. A 4G data plan that limits my speed to 4 Mbps is a joke.

Anyway, I gave up on Ntel too. Every few months, I turn on my Ntel Mifi to see if I now have service again, and get disappointed each time. No network signal.


The myntel.com.ng portal, which hosted their web-based top-up page and was the easy medium for managing your lines and subscriptions, has been out of service since forever.

July 2020 Update: The MyNtel portal has now resurrected at a new URL: myntel.ntel.com.ng.

I talked to Ntel customer service a number of times to resolve these issues, and it didn’t do me any good. I stopped contacting them last year. I have had a few others who, like me, were high on Ntel years ago, tell me that they have moved on too.

Ntel 4g coverage
Ntel 4g coverage has been stagment, at best.

I really do wonder…what happened to Ntel? I understand that this service provider is still in operation and there are users who still swear by it. But it cannot be a good thing that there are subscribers who used to enjoy the service but are unable to even access it any more.

As far as numbers are concerned, Ntel NG’s 4G service is still a small player in Nigeria. The coverage listing on the Ntel website is still limited to Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, which means that there has been little or no expansion happening at their end.


Competing 4G service providers keep spreading out. and taking new territories. If my personal experience is anything to go by, Ntel NG has lost some coverage, no matter how little.

It Must Have Been Love

it must have been love by Roxette

The 1987 hit by Swedish pop rock duo, Roxette, comes to mind…..

It must have been love
But it’s over now
It must have been good
But I lost it somehow
It must have been love
But it’s over now
From the moment we touched
Till the time had run out

If you’re old enough to know that song, say hello, let’s catch up on old times over drinks. There’s nothing like dealing with heart break in a company of old souls and a few bottles. Don’t worry: you don’t even have to be heartbroken over Ntel NG’s issues.

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  2. Well written article mr M.O
    I gave up on ntel a very long time ago and I’m not thinking of going back until they fix there issue.

  3. I used to preach Ntel too. I gave up last year as well. I was so angry with the service I threw the sim away. As if to confirm my frustration, one of the customer care representative call me to ask me why I no longer used, I mentioned the fact that I no longer want and have thrown the sim. The only help he could offer was to tell me I could come buy another sim. I end the call immediately

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