Ntel is being run like a government agency – Consumers

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A growing number of consumers are beginning to express the opinion that new mobile telecom operator in Nigeria is being run like it is a government agency. Here is an example of a conversation that highlights this.

It is difficult to argue with the sentiments raised here. I am inclined to agree too. Ntel’s own tweets suggest that the company is more excited about the Minister of Communications Adebayo Shittu getting their SIM than they are about getting SIMs into the hands of actual subscribers. Another subscriber complains:

This Ntel business is beginning to smell like the corpse of NITEL/Mtel. Is it that the new owners are members of the old guard and do not see that there is a new world requiring a new approach to doing business? Or is there something to this haphazard-looking execution that will spring pleasant surprises? What do you think?


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  1. Will still get my reserved sims though. If they don’t deliver on the data front. I’ll just toss them sims into the bin naaa…

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