Dealing With The Ntel Unlimited Family Data Tariff Hike

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4G mobile operator, Ntel, has increased the subscription of their Unlimited Monthly plan to N17,500 and changed its name. Here’s how I am dealing with the Ntel Unlimited Family Data price hike.

ntel unlimited family data plan

The data plan used to be known as Unlimited Monthly and it offered subscribers “unlimited internet” at the cost of N12,500 monthly. Quietly and without any statement, Ntel changed the name to Unlimited Family and increased the monthly subscription to N17,500.

I found out while attempting to renew an expired subscription. Of course, it hit me as a shock. From twitter to Nairaland to Facebook, Ntel subscribers have been up in arms and protesting the increase in tariff. That is a whopping N5,000 increase on that data plan. Plus, it didn’t help that in recent times, I had QOS issues with their network and so took a break from it.

The old Ntel Unlimited Monthly plan was my favourite, though I often flirted with the Unlimited Weekly plan, which costs N3,750 per week and has 7 days validity.

What Options For My Needs?

What were the options available to me at this point? I needed an unlimited data plan without any speed caps that a small team of two to three people could share. And I am absolutely unwilling to pay N17,500.

Having looked at all available curses of action, I decided that embracing the Unlimited Weekly (now called Unlimited U-Weekly) plan is the best course of action for me. At N3,750 weekly, it translates to N15,000 monthly, which means it costs less than the new Unlimited Family plan. Plus, paying a small weekly sum is easier on business cash flow.

So, opting for Unlimited U-Weekly, I get to spend less while also enjoying the benefits of the weekly payments. I don’t know about you, but this works for me. Hopefully, Ntel will not quietly hike the tariff of this unlimited weekly plan like they did the Unlimited Monthly plan.

If you are yet to take a decision, you will have to evaluate your options and decide what best serves your interests and unique situation.

The question is, How are you dealing with the Ntel Unlimited Family data tariff hike?


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  1. Inshort, Mr M.0
    For writing about it, ntel will increase the unlimited U. Everything will now total N20,000

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