Ntel’s VOXHD app will let you call and text over LTE

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Nigerian 4G/LTE network provider has just announced a new app for Android smartphone users. It will allow Ntel subscribers make calls and sent texts over cellular 4G/LTE network. 4G LTE is data only and so calls and text messages cannot be transmitted on it. This why an app like this is essential for 4G users.

ntel VOXHD app

One other way that voice calls can be transmitted on a 4G LTE network is VoLTE. But not all 4G smartphones support that either.

Ntel says that their VOXHD app will offer crystal clear high definition Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to users, SMS over LTE, and other traditional features expected from a cellular voice service. This will greatly remove restrictions users are facing on the ntel network.

Features of the ntel VOXHD app

The VOXHD app will be compatible with Android 4.0 upwards, and the service will work only on compatible ntel SIM cards. The app is user friendly with a simple UI. It will deeply integrate with contacts on your phone. Currently, it is only available for Android users. An iOS version is in the works.

ntel VOXHD

Download ntel VOXHD app from Google Play Store HERE.


  1. I think this article needs to be expanded. For the non technical, it hasn’t said a thing! And just users are min technical…

    Can you speak English, please.?

  2. This application does not load beyond validating. It always end up in validation failure. Several chatts with their customer care agents have not solved it. I’ve tried both the pre playstore and playstore versions. My device is Tecno Camon C9 and its listed as being compatible with the application. I don’t know if I’m the only one facing this issue.

  3. I finally spoke with somebody at ntel who was able to “solve” the “Validation” problem. Its actually a workaround.
    It goes thus. For dual sim phones having issues with validation, ensure that you place only the ntel sim in the phone during the initial validation ( I tried with either of the two SIM slots and in both cases it worked). After successful validation and launching of the application, you can switch insert the second sim (you may need to switch off before doing that depending on your phone).
    Making calls with it is another kettle of fish. As at the time of writing this, I have not been able to initiate calls, but can receive both calls and SMS. Maybe I need to buy a Vox HD bundle

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