Obama’s BlackBerry has been replaced with this

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US president, Barrack Obama’s BlackBerry smartphone has been his daily driver for years. For security reasons, his smartphone has to meet stringent security standards. When he would drop the BlackBerry and what would be its replacement has been a subject of speculation for years, and now it has happened.

Obama's BlackBerry

He has finally been able to drop the BlackBerry and be assigned another smartphone – one powered by Android OS, but it isn’t what you think. The replacement for Obama’s BlackBerry isn’t anything spectacular by today’s reckoning. It isn’t the BlackBerry Priv, Galaxy S7 or even S6. It isn’t the HTC this or that.

From Obama’s BlackBerry to Obamadroid

President Obama now uses a “hardened” Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 is a 2013 smartphone. But it is the only one that the US President’s security communications agency, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) supports. This “hardened” Galaxy S4 is not much of a smartphone either, it seems. A number of features have been removed, including the ability to take photos with the camera and the ability to place phone calls. Apps on the phone are also reportedly restricted to a selection from DISA’s Mobile Application Store (MAS).

It must be hard being the President of the United States of America. Gadget freaks might just want to stay away. Barrack Obama’s BlackBerry will be missed. Here’s a hearty goodbye to the Obamaberry and a hello to the S4 (aka the Obamadroid).



  1. When the First Man in the World dumps a Platform, the lesser mortals better take note, and do too.

    Then, he picks up the Android of Life, and you are still pulling your lips, contemplating gini ?

  2. Who says his personal phone isn’t a BlackBerry? I mean, a phone you can’t make personal calls on can’t really be “personal” can it?

    His phones set up is similar to what I’ve seen elsewhere on other operating systems; company issued phone with restricted functions and apps only they permit.

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