Octa-core Innjoo i2 already on the way

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Innjoo i2

The market-disrupting Innjoo i1s is barely in the market, and its successor is already on the way. The Innjoo i2 has its predecessor’s 5-inch IPS display, with resolution now boosted to 720 x 1280 pixels, and now powered by a 1.4 Ghz octa-core processor with a newer Mali-450MP4 GPU. The rear camera is the same, but the front camera has been bumped up to 2 megapixels.

The battery is same 1,900 mAh capacity as the i1s though. The i2 also runs Android kitkat, but is upgradable to Android L. There is no word yet on price or availability. What do you think?

  1. I got d injoo i1s after learning of it here on mobility. less than a week and my experience is summed up in this ambiguous statement: I find the device strangely unusable as a standard smartphone. I think it might be the limited internal storage and the battery life. it looks good, feels good and runs exceedingly good for a 14k phone…but it makes me feel handicapped… strangely. I’ve lost phones, switched mobile platforms enough times to lose my appetite for my regular twiddling, tweaking and haven’t bothered to look too much into rooting it.

    now the i2, octacore sounds like wooooow but asides from that it looks to me like a lazy upgrade from the i1s. maybe they’ll slap a lazy increment on the price as well…less than 20k, wouldn’t be surprised. my advice, don’t consider this unless you are absolutely unwilling to spend more on a phone and you’re willing to root it and mess around to make the storage issue more manageable.

  2. Hmm but dose p5 comes with 4gb internal memory na..hope it comes with external memory card sha?

  3. i want to how is the injoo graphics camera and the speed since u ve started callin it a crap

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