My old-school friend whose daughter is my Facebook Friend

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I don’t know about you, but I have some odd digital relationships, like the one with an older friend, Martha, whose daughter is my Facebook Friend. Sometimes, the daughter shows my funny updates to her, and we banter in that triangle.

Some of you with creative minds immediately had the phrase “sugar mummy” pop up in your heads when I mentioned “older friend”. That’s fine though. Jesus died for people like you and me. I am friends with the whole family though. But back to my story. So, Martha is not on social media. Like I said, she is old school like that. But her daughter, Sally, is, and the young lady is my Facebook Friend.


Of course, when I post a funny or crazy update on Facebook, Sally likes it and comments, and all that. And sometimes, she shows her mom and they banter over it. Then Sally relays Martha’s feedback to me via Facebook or WhatsApp. Yes; it is crazy; I know. But we are communicating. Who ever said communication has to be direct?

There was one time that Sally and I had a WhatsApp conversation. The convo drifted to how goofy Martha had become in recent times, and we analysed the trend and laughed. Then Sally mentioned to me that Martha was around and goes to show her our conversation. The next thing I know, I got a voice note, and its Martha’s voice. On Sally’s WhatsApp line. We spend the next few minutes doing a back-and-forth in banter.

Silly stuff like that.

Why does Martha not just get a smartphone and jump on social media if she finds some if it fun to use like this? I have never asked her. But like most old school people I know, it must be that she finds social media to be a distraction from the peace and quiet that she cherishes.

Another One Of Those Odd Digital Relationships

Here is another one. I have a number of older citizens who are connected with me on WhatsApp, but have never had a conversation with me there. The only thing they do with the app is use it to forward broadcasts and inspirational videos. For them, WhatsApp is not a conversation tool, it is more like good old snail mail. If they need to have a conversation, they place a “proper” telephone call to me.

Amusing; yes. Again, it is largely due to that generational gap.

I can tell you this is a fact, as I have interacted with quite a number of older people and they have repeated that sentiment again and again. They prefer to sit indoors, or outside under a shade, and enjoy an afternoon of conversations with family and friends than to be glued to a screen.

They do not mind the occasional foray into the world of social media. And by occasional, I do not mean a daily thing. Most of them will keep away for days and weeks. There is a sizeable chunk of people out there who do not want the noise or the constant interruptions by notifications.

As you can see, I have my fair share of odd digital relationships. Do you have any? Do you care to share?


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