Odd World!! Meet the man who installed NFC chips in his hands

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After reading the title of this post, the first thing that comes to your mind may be questions like, What? Why? Where? When? I’ll admit, I too was partially stunned when I bumped into the source article. Why would a man want to surgically insert NFC chips in his hands? What would he/she be using it for?


To cut the long story short, the man in question, Amal Graafstra was frustrated as a student by the many security doors in his school. These doors required a special card (with a chip embedded) to open them, and on some days when he forgets to take the card with him, he’s frustrated.

One day he was inspired, and after lots of research found the possibility of installing an NFC chip in his hands. He forged ahead and successfully installed it. Subsequently, he returned and was able to use his hands to open doors at school.

Even after graduation, he claims the implant still plays a significant role in his life. It serves as his business card-automatically saving his contact details to recipients phone. The chip can send send links and information to people even without having their contact information. The chip, he claims, can also be used to log into his Windows PC.

This NFC chip is said to be as small as a grain of rice encased inside a bio-safe glass. The tags used for human implantation has programmable memory. The chips lie just under the skin and placing you hands close to a phone or gadget will trigger it to come on, hence information can be read and/or written to it.

It suddenly appears this chip can be very useful. We can debate the consequences of having such a thing in this part of the world. Because it’s likely you can be accused a witch if seen opening key-less doors with hand gestures. On the other NFC technology isn’t so mainstream especially in this part of the world.

If you had the chance would you get the NFC chip on your hands? Your thoughts.



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  1. what about the other impacts on the human body? he is not talking about those. however I would support it in case there no threats of cancer and the like.

  2. The end is truly here o. Very soon, some tech companies may start pushing this technology for adoption in many daily applications

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