Of course, Nokia will make smartphones again (confirmed)

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Nokia Lives
I have said again and again that there was no way in heaven or hell that Nokia wouldn’t return to smartphones after the sale of its mobile devices division to Microsoft. The Nokia brand is so loved in the mobile market that it would be stupid for them to have walked away. We now have a situation in which Nokia’s CEO has admitted that the company will make phones in 2016.

The catch is that Nokia won’t be doing the manufacturing. Just the design. The phones will be manufactured by a third party and carry Nokia’s name. Well, that is exactly what Apple is doing. So, no issues.

Of course, if Nokia is coming back to the smartphone market, users can expect to see Nokia smartphones finally run Android OS – just like on the Nokia N1 tablet. And in my opinion, this is bad news for Microsoft’s Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile platform and devices. Very bad news.

Are you excited about this? Do you think it will be a success or it is too late for Nokia?


  1. No, I am not excited.

    lf it’s not by Nokia, it cannot be done like Nokia.

    So. Foxconn (or whatever company in China) makes a phone, Nokia engraves its legendary name on it? So what? Anybody could contract any Chinese company to make a phone, so practically, it’s of little significance.

    Well, that is exactly what Apple is doing. So, no issues.

    There is serious issue because, unlike Apple which has a robust ecosystem surrounding its devices, Nokia has none. If the rebadged no_name “Nokia Phones” join the Android horde, how would it be any different from any Lenovo, Infinix or Xiaomi or Huawei?

    The name alone is not a unique enough USP!

    Truth be told, the make(r) of a mobile device is no longer significant (as you have in automobiles). Like the Infinix Hot Note Pro has recently proved, you may not be a big brand_name (like Samsung) and still have Samsung level performance, at a far reduced price and sell like mad.

  2. Was thinking it would run on windows…. Butt if it would be on android then its no biggie they should just come n die quick bcz I wonder what they r gonna offer? Battery? We got that already thanks to the African OEM s ; infinix n the rest… They should just go windows or something else…

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