Every time I read about another tablet being the answer to the iPad, I just shake my head. Actually, I also get nauseous. Advertisement Once

Of iPad Wannabes

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Every time I read about another tablet being the answer to the iPad, I just shake my head. Actually, I also get nauseous.


Once in a while, I also almost scream, “What the heck is wrong with people?”

Insanity Everywhere

Somebody slaps Android on tablet hardware and markets it as “the answer to the iPad”. Ludicrous. How is that particular tablet different from the legion of Android tablets out there, all of whom put together have not made a dent on the iPad’s dominance?


What makes Android successful is partly that it is different from iOS – and that’s a good thing.


Still, while Android is outselling iOS on the smartphone playing field, iOS rules in the tablet playing field. Perhaps Android just doesn’t make for a great tablet experience in its current shape. Perhaps it is something else.


But for crying out loud, all these iPad wannabes need to go get a life. If I want an iPad, I will go buy one, thank you.

Or at least, if you are going to claim to be the answer to the iPad, do really present us a unique user experience that is different from what is currently on the legion of also-ran iPad wannabes.


By the way, good morning, fellow mobilists!

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  1. Noody else could have said this more succinctly. Mr. Mobility has indeed hit the nail on the head.

    An advice for Android Tablet makers is that they should advertise their tablets on the strength of the device and shouldn’t compare with the iPad. Every device has its own niche. And maybe the world will open up its eyes to them soon. And as Mr. Mobility has stated, they should bring out stellar devices with stellar User Experience and not just simply Hardware SPECS bump!

  2. i think its good enough that we have alternatives to the ipad. Even though android is yet to make appreciable dent on the ipad market share, there is every reason for apple to worry later in the future. If not, they wont be suing competitors everywhere. Apple got the samsung tabs off austrailian shelves for months. If not bothered, while seek monopoly of the market?

    Ipads are beautiful. I just think the androids are highly welcomed to provide us alternatives in hardware, software and also price points.

    Google has also provided the ICS to improve greatly the experience on tabs. Apple may dominate the tablet market now, its not going to be forever. The android tablets have been eating into their share slowly and steadily. Lets see what the market share will look like in 2015.

  3. @Mr Mobility, i was looking forward to us having an article on the SOPA and PIPA bills in the US. I am sure a lot of us here will be interested as its going to affect us too if passed. Just a thougt though.

  4. I wonder if Nokia will be able to out shine the iPad with a Windows based tablet. Would be interesting to see Microsoft and Apple go head to head in the tablet market.

  5. The iPad.

    What people (me inclusive) praise Apple for is not the Device only, its the Eco System. I don’t necessarily want an iPad (the device itself) like crazy, but when I consider how its connects and what it enables me to do; its a Must have.

    Its of great pleasure and satisfaction to have Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcast, Books and Apps, all in 1 convenient place, organized, coordinated and ready to be Sync. I get all the above on my Laptop via iTunes and its of great pleasure to Sync to iPad.

    I might be wrong but I doubt if Android will lead in the Tablet wars.

    The way things are going, may be may be ; Windows 8 Tablets will be Second place very soon.

  6. @johnny, you are right. Think of A tab from Nokia running windows 8 with fully featured windows office. That will be a game changer once windows can increase their app offering to an appreciable number.

  7. In as much as I am anti-apple as they come, having played with lots of different tablets powered by different os, webos, android to name a few, I still say that the ipad still provided me with the best tablet experience of all.

  8. Guys, we need to get over this bandwagon effect, we really must! I am sure none of us here touched an Android device! Like I said last month, I used an Android Tab.. The exquisite Galaxy Tab 10 for a few days last year. Now I HAVE DROPPED MY IPAD FOR GOOD!! Honestly, I see people carrying an Ipad and I feel sorry for them. Haba, how can you own a device which doesn’t let you mutitask? You can’t attach files to emails. You can’t play flash content in ur web browser. You can’t use USB devices. You can’t download apps as you like (there are FOUR major android app sites). Oh dear. What a sad pity. Thanks to gOogle for making a viable alternative.. And one that would eventually sweep the market!!

  9. There is an app and different ways around for all these things and it also depends on your life style.

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