I understand that for a lot of users, a smartphone with a fairly large display is the preference. Some also want the largest display possible.

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I understand that for a lot of users, a smartphone with a fairly large display is the preference. Some also want the largest display possible. I have been thinking that if I owned a phablet or a tablet as a secondary mobile device, I could live with using a smartphone with a smaller display as my primary mobile device.

Quick definitions first. A phablet is a Goliath-sized smartphone but is not as large as a tablet. When I refer to a smartphone with a smaller display, I am thinking of anything less than 4 inches in size. That would feel cramped for me.

For me, I am looking at convenience. convenience is key to me. File it under “Personal Preference,” but I also do not quite enjoy carrying two devices around. But if I had to do it, I would want my smartphone small, handy and pocketable. The tablet/phablet is huge already anyway. Why lug two portmanteaus around in the name of mobility?

The small, handy smartphone would serve for my calls and SMS, and perhaps my music and any impromptu social networking, while the tablet/phablet would serve for everything else- web browsing, video, social networking, productivity, and messaging. That is what is playing in my head. But for many people…

Tablets are not so mobile

That is true. many tablet owners do not carry them around the way they do their smartphones. Usually, the tablet is used the same way their netbooks and laptops are used. They are carried only when absolutely needed. So, perhaps the idea of using a smartphone with a small display wouldn’t work so well since the tablet will hardly ever be around except for when one is at home or at work.

To be honest, in an era of smartphones with huge displays, I am not sure that I see what the purpose of tablets is. However, if I were to own one, I really do think that I would want the convenience of a smartphone with a smaller display as my primary mobile device. Perhaps one with a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Perhaps then, I would carry the tablet around more often? I don’t know. That bulk…..

Phablets: fully mobile

Phablets, on the other hand, are a different ball game entirely. Because they are not as bulky as tablets, they are much more portable, and can even be used one-handed in some scenarios. If I own a phablet as a secondary device, then no questions asked, I will carry it around just as much as I carry around my smartphone.

How about you? How would it play with you? Would you consider using a smartphone with a small display as your primary mobile, if you had a tablet or phablet?

  1. I also hate carrying multiple things about. it is why I don’t use a wristwatch, wear chains, knot ties (generally), and would avoid using a belt whenever possible.

    The solution seems to be to find the largest screened device that is also pocketable (can be carried about), and can be carried to the head to attend to calls.

    I think 7″ to 8″ (the size, length and breadth, of a paperback novel) is that sweet point.

    Yes; lifting that size to the ‘m noggin tomake/receive calls would cause a few stares, but it is a minor price to pay for the convenience of a large screen, especially if your vision is in the twilight years.

  2. As long as mobility is tiger question, a mobile of between 5 and 6 inches will suffice for most of my needs while a tablet is never used outside of the house. No I can’t just take a tablet with me everywhere I go even though they’ve become by far more portable than laptops. For me, a phablet of up to 5.5″ to 6″ is good enough as a tablet when on the road.

    Anything that cannot go into my trousers pocket is not portable enough to be carried about. The second device I will always have with me for calls and SMS will be another dual SIM smartphone which will even do the work of a smartphone fairly well should my primary network for data becomes unavailable or the battery on the device runs out of juice.

  3. I agree with the model of carrying a smartphone with a screen like the tecno L3, though for now i use a 3.5inch. And a tablet. I already have a laptop,and I think thats enough.

  4. This is an interesting issue raised by Mr. Mo…one that most people can relate to.

    First, I see a lot more people these days carrying their cased tablets around the way you would carry a normal size conventional diary.

    Second, I find a soul mate in eyeBeeKay who detests carrying multiple things on their person. I too don’t like wearing wristwatch, jewelry, cap/hat etc. If I have my way, I would want to wear Tshirt-jeans or Ankara natives to work everyday.

    Third, I am torn between tablet and phablet. My perfect size tablet is the Galaxy Note 8.0 which is a perfect digital diary size combining very useful functionalities with S-Pen and even voice calls capability. Now, I have a Galaxy Note 2 which also has S-Pen that serves me a lot. In fact, I’m WRITING this comment on my Note 2. I would love to enjoy the bigger display of Note 8.0 but don’t want to carry 2 devices with same S-Pens! Yet, I’m salivating to grab the much anticipated Note 3. Would someone kindly advise me on way out of my dilemma?

    Lastly, I also like and use Nokia Asha 200 Dual Sim as my primary mobile device.

  5. @Baokun Iseotan:

    Your case is not so complex as you may think. when the Note 3 comes out, sell your Note 2 and buy Note 3. The slightly bigger size and enhancements should suffice to use it on the road as the only smart device on you and you got to enjoy the S-Pen on it too.

    The Asha you mentioned is good as a second device for say voice calls and SMSs while your Note 8 stays at home and only used while you are at home.

  6. Thank you Harry. But I really wish I could carry the creative Note 8.0 about too. I have artistic talent and inspiration could strike anywhere.

  7. Lol @ the two comments above.

    For me I have tried the galaxy s2, galaxy s3, Phantom A and the galaxy y duos. I noticed one thing among them poor battery in comparism to the 7 and 10 inch tablets.

    I am now using a 10 inch galaxy tab and a feature tripple sim phone lg c333 with good battery life for all my calls and maybe email if it is that urgent.

    The tablet is cased in a diary form and I take it anywhere I go. For me a 7 and 10 inch tablet is mobile and has been my companions for the past two years and would prefer them over any smartphone.

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