If you are looking for Office documents viewers and editors for your Android mobile, here is a quick list for your consideration: Documents To Go

Office Document Apps for Android Users

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If you are looking for Office documents viewers and editors for your Android mobile, here is a quick list for your consideration:

  1. Documents To Go – View Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint Files
  2. Quickoffice (free viewer & pro) – Create, Edit and Share Microsoft® Office & PDF files
  3. Kingsoft Office (free) – View & Edit Office files
  4. ThinkFree Office (free viewer & pro)
  5. OfficeSuite (free viewer & pro)
  6. Smart Office Lite (free & paid)
  7. Android Office (paid)
  8. Olive Office Premium (free)

The experience varies from app to app. The nice thing is that some are totally free, plus you will be able to try out some of the paid ones before making a purchase.

To find any of this in Play Store, type out the name in the search field.


  1. Considering the Fact that Google now owns Quickoffice, Android should be bundled with Quickoffice.

    Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 are bundled with Office Mobile, even Symbian gets Full Office Mobile.

    Google Should Fix this.

    Nice Tip

  2. I have kingsoft office as well as the full versions of Quickoffice and Documents to go. My main interest is in spreadsheet and in this area, Kingsoft office (though free) beats both paid applications hands down.

  3. I have tried them all besides kingsoft, I think I would have to leave editing of documents to my PC. they all manage to fail me especially when the documents contain images. spreedsheets are no go.

  4. ok I just tried kingsoft office do far, it’s been great works better than anyone out there. editing spreadsheets is really easy to do. I just wish it opened PDFs like adobe reader but then again it’s still better than adobe reader, it finds all my PDF documents in seconds that I don’t even notice it was searching for them (I was thoroughly amazed by the speed). if anyone is looking to download an office suite then I would recommend KINGSOFT.

    Mister Mobility thanks for pointing it out to me

  5. Guys, in my search for the ultimate office software for Android, I have used all ~ yes all ~ the apps Mr Mobility listed.

    My reviews can be summarized thus:

    Barely there:
    Olive office
    Android office
    Office suite

    Good enough:
    Thinkfree office
    Documents to go

    The very best:
    Kingsoft office

    Quickoffice is it for moi… Fantastically easy to use and it opens PDFs too. And the inbuilt file manager is a joy to use.

    And when I hear people say they cannot create docs with these software, I get confused. I have created powerpoint files (less than 5 slides though) as well as word docs..but spreadsheets are a pain to use especially when trying to do calculations… But with a Bluetooth keyboard, you can actually survive a whole day in the office without your BB or your laptop.

  6. I’ve used Office Suite, Kingsoft Office and Quick Office.

    I’ve gone back again and again to Quick Office. Kingsoft Office is nice but there’s something missing for me there.

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