If you have subscribed to the new Glo Pre-Paid 3G Bundle Packages but got billed per kb, here’s what the doctor ordered – the official

Official configuration settings for the new Glo prepaid internet bundle plans

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If you have subscribed to the new Glo Pre-Paid 3G Bundle Packages but got billed per kb, here’s what the doctor ordered – the official configuration settings for the bundle plans.

I got these from a contact inside Glo:

APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

These are all that you need. Configure your phones with these to use any of the packages on your phones.

Post any feedback in the comments section please. Personally, I’ll be trying these out first thing tomorrow morning.

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  1. Thanks for the confïguration settings, I know I could rely on mobilitynigeria. Glo really dissapointed the whole Nigeria,despite the over hyped glo1 cable and all the noise about tariff crash. They went ahead and launched a very expensive service.

    Imagine charging N15,000 for a mere 3gb package and making it a must for their customers to buy the new modem of N12,500 making the modem they only introduced in June (just 4 months to the launch of this new data package) which they sold for N14,000 completely useless.

    Such things only happen in Nigeria. They do not know that we use glo for the sake of patriotism and not for the wonderful service they think they offer. God will soon free us from these service providers,in Jesus Name. AMEN. I will try it out soonest.

    Please I will very much appreciate it if someone give me the configuration settings for etisalat. I trully appreciate this site, one of the very few Nigeria forum where reasonable discussions takes place.

  2. Raymond,

    I doubt that Glo insists on subscribers purchasing the modem. All you have to do is insist that you already have a modem or that you will be using your phone.

    Also, Glo-1 isn’t fully functional at the moment. Give them a few months to get it rolling. Not that its likely to make all the problems go away though. But we’ll see; won’t we?

  3. given that glo have better 3g services and coverage,their mobile internet service will be much better(and with their much hyped glo 1 cable in the works,it will certainly improve)

    i would like to know from anyone in the house if they have bundled moblie internet packages (like zain lite which gives you 100mbs for 30days) and the code for migrating for such package.

  4. thanks yomi for the reply.i read in the link you provided that you presently use your phone as a modem to connect with pc.i have a 3g phone but dont have 3g coverage in my area with zain thats why i wanna switch to glo.

    so all i need do is send the “activate” text to 127 and install the settings and choose my preferred plan?do i need to tweak any settings on the pc or phone to get the 3g access. and is there a special 3g sim card. your responce will be appreciated

  5. Here’s a brief version of my trial of the above settings for the new bundle plans – I am currently browsing on my Nokia E90 communicator via the Always Day (50mb) plan. This is inspite of the claptrap that was repeated to me by Glo customer care reps that the service won’t work on phones. Bollocks.

    I will be giving a detailed account of my trip to Glo Opebi today and the tasking encounter that it turned out to be.

    But all you need is have your line provisioned for GPRS/3G, enter the above configuration settings, then send the required codes to activate a bundle plan. Nothing more – and you are good to go.

  6. Shehu,

    To use it as a modem with PC, simply enter the same Gloflat settings in your PC Suite. No tweaks. No special SIMs. If your line is already provisioned for internet access on the Glo network and you can browse on your phone, you are good togo.

    If not already provisioned, you can call customer care or visit a Gloworld outlet for that.

  7. Hi people,?I love this blog.what i have observe about using a sim for browsing is you have to get the settings right and your sim has 2 be provisioned.

  8. i have an T-mobile G1 android phone i i currently use the mtn nite bundle directly on my phone, i tried to use my glo to browse so i can also use it as a modem but its not working. its not even showing G or 3G sign on the phone’s notification bar.

    i have used several configs and proxies even this gloflat one but it’s still not working and my line has been activated already since last year when i used to own a k800 errcisson phone. pls help i want to used the glo work bundle on my phone and also connect as a modem

  9. my phone requires the following fields:
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port:
    APN type
    but i only config the name, APN, proxy, port, Username, password, for my mtn to work, how can i config for glo.

  10. Adisa,

    For Glo, you only need: APN, username, and password, as presented in the article above. Nothing else. No proxies. No ports.

  11. Hi Guys, I am using the glo modem but my vista machine comes with a message “connection terminated”. I have noticed other people with the same problem on the net and the glo staff could not resolve my issue.

    I have decided to try this modem on my linux system. It connects there but does not browse because I need to manually input the dns server addresses which I do not have. Could someone check what the dns servers are when they are connected and please let me know.


  12. Please let me know why sometimes Glo Mobile Prepaid internet refuses to work like this evening, it is not working, but it worked in the day. Thanks very much for this website, i have tried Glo Mobile pre-paid internet and had no issues having tried the day plan thrice, it was on my forth try that it started messing up.

  13. Hey id
    Sure you have some credit on the line? Recharge with some money and make sure that you select GLO 3G PLUS (PREPAID) before you connect. It doesnt work when your credit is zero, Hope this helps

  14. Has anybody had issues with GLO when trying to use transfer files to their servers via FTP? I’ve been unable to upload files via FTP to my servers and on my blog, I can’t update plug-ins freely.

    Surprisingly with MTN it works but it’s EXCRUCIATINGLY slow. I ‘m looking at getting ETISALAT’s 100mb plan to see if things are better and work.

  15. I guess they finally got wiser and introduced short codes for checking balance. Nice development.

    P.S: I see you opened comments on old posts again. I thought forum usage was already picking up?

  16. Getting forums to “move” is quite difficult and that’s the reason why I scrapped mine even before I launched it.

    Anyway, it’s kinda nice that you’ve opened comments again ;-).

  17. sending INFO to 127, i tried ir but I did not get any result.

    With all the hype starcomms users are giving us, I went to their office tday to get their evdo (izap) it is a ahare dissapointment, it cannot een play online video streaming. it is a pitty. it only gave a maximum of 351kbps, whereas glo gives me between 1200kbps to 2000kbps. I think this is what justifies the limit they give us on the data usage.

    Starcomms uses scope to reduce the amountof things peple can do when using their network, but many unsuspecting users do not know this. too many restrictions. I think if you won’t been doing much video streaming you can go for stracomma. I will say my comments may still be premature, I will give them some time and observe it before giving my final verdict.

    Anyone have comment about starcomms izap?

  18. The speed of surf glo is ok with edge service ……it better than zain, mon chalk-co etisalat……but mtn still the best……..

  19. Please who can assist me with all the settings for glo modem including dns and any other settings that would make it connect. I have a partular modem that works with mtn, etisalat and zain but it wont connect with glo

  20. @Olanrewaju:


    Set APN to static
    APN = glosecure
    USERNAME = gprs
    PASSWORD = gprs


    Set APN to static
    APN = gloflat
    USERNAME = flat
    PASSWORD = flat

    Hope this helps. Cheers 😉

  21. Was trying to subscribe to glo always. i saw ‘always micro’ any info pls from the house

  22. My glo line does not show 3g only edge im not able to use 3g, ive called their customer care but none of them seems to understand. im using a nokia c5, pls il rily appreciate any assistance. yomi plzzz help ooo

  23. I’ve mistakenly subscribed to the wrong prepaid bundle and it would be renewed automatically. How can i change my prepaid bundle?

  24. Send “Cancel” to 127 to cancel automatic renewal. After this month’s subscription ends, you will now be required to manually subscribe. Then you can pick another plan.

  25. Thanks Yomi,

    I still have problems acessing the net on edge. Skype and mailbox is no issue but it does not connect and just gives me a web timeout message??? Any advice??

  26. Yomi adegboye, thanks for this info cos i have been looking for a way to unsubscribe to automatic renewal myself, this helps. Which one do you think is better amongst these packages, 100hours, 3MB, 30days plan or 1.5Mb 30days plan, no time restriction?

  27. Sirmseen,

    Choosing a plan depends on your unique needs. For example, how much data do use monthly?

    All the plans run 24 hours. The rest is up to you.

  28. Yomi,

    I just had to cnage the setting to the default “Connection” settings and not “GloDirect”. So now when asked to choose my connection I go “Connection” and the settings are as you said:
    APN: gloflat
    Username: flat
    Password: flat

    It works like a charm!!

  29. With my glo 3g prepaid plan on my phone, i can only connect using opera mini but default phone browser wont connect. Some of my messengers on phone dont connect as well. what could be the reason for this? Connection on pc is ok cos i live in 3g area

  30. Imagine a glo staff telling me that there is no way you can check the amount pf data left on your plan! I wonder if these guys get training b4 getting employed sef?

  31. Sirmseen,

    Typical Glo customer care.

    To check the available data on your plan, send “info” as SMS to 127.

  32. I tried
    APN gloflat
    User flat
    Pass flat

    still not going on my unlocked mtn HSDPA modem.. somebody pls help me amm getting an error message.. a connection could not be established… the port closed.. watever!!! pls help me

  33. can anybody kindly tell me how to check my data balance on the glo data bundle…i can check my mtn data balance but that of glo is a hard nut for me to crack

  34. please i have a universal modem that can accommodate mtn, zain and etisalat but i doint have the configuration of glo,pls i need the one of glo.

  35. I just subrcribe to glo always with my nokia2700 but it refuses working even after putting gloflat,flat as you said.what do i do now?is there any way of retrieve that N1000?

  36. I’ve read thru the comments herein and very impressed, especially with Yomi’s assistance to issues as they relate to the different aspect of internet usage.
    I actually unlocked my MTN modem and configured it to use different sims. I’m using ETISALAT now but unable to check my internet MB account as per the usage.
    Any hint from the house?

  37. @Samuel, when you unlock any Huawei Modem like the one you have, you cant use it with GLO. You’d have to reset the modem to factory setting. It was disabled by your network provider. There are certain commands that you can use to make that happen. They call it the ATEX command. What operating system are you using?

    @J.0. You don’t neccessarily need a 3G sim. All new glo sims have that caoability. Get a 0807 or 0805 and text ACTIVATE to 127, after that subscribe to your desired bundle/plan, and voila! You’re good to go.

  38. Pls I need ur help. I subscribed to Glo micro on my Samsung SGH 4G II. It worked for awhile n stopped connecting. I’ve tried everything from gloflat to Glo’s useless customer care. It wasn’t even working on 3G but edge n now even edge isn’t working anymore. I need ur help plsss.

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