Thanks to a news item by Wap Review, we can let you know that the official English version of UCWEB 7.0 is now available. UCWEB

Official English UCWEB 7.0 Browser Arrives

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ucwebThanks to a news item by Wap Review, we can let you know that the official English version of UCWEB 7.0 is now available. UCWEB is a popular mobile browser that is available for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java-enabled devices.

Dennis Bournique of Wap Review has provided some info on what to expect from the S60 and Java versions of UCWEB 7. We took UCWEB for a spin on Windows Mobile Standard, and came out frustrated.

We tried out Download via PC first, and using the phone selection wizard, we found the version for Samsung B7320 and downloaded, then transferred it to phone. When we initiated installation, we got an unsuccessful installation error.

So, we tried the phone download route. Again, download worked fine. Installation went well too. However, each time we launched the browser, we got an error message that there was a problem with UCWEB.exe.

We never got it to run even once. It looks like UCWEB 7.0 still needs some tweaking. We recall that we had some initial problems with using version 6.3 earlier on, but it works fine now – and we dare say we are loving it here at Mobility Nigeria.

Download UCWEB 7.0 via PC.


  1. I am using UCWeb 7 (Chinese version) to post this. I could not find an English version 7 for my 5800 so far. I had no problems installing this Chinese Version on my Nokia 5800.

    When Opera Mobile 10 came out, I was really excited. But I find myself going back to the trusted Oper Mini 5 Beta 2. I am yet to find a reason to convince me to shift to the Symbian Opera Mobile as it simply is not as polished and nimble as the Java version.

    Been using UCWeb Java version. It is fast (when it works) and handles downloads better than Opera Mini.

    With UcWeb 7 now out, I am cautiously optimistic that it will outperform the Java version. Will have more to say after using this my UcWeb 7 for a few more days. But, my initial reaction to it, now, is, ‘wao, here is some Real Competition for the Opera guys..’

  2. This is the best mobile browser I’ve ever used. It’s so user friendly and works faster than the other mobile browsers I have installed. I love UC BROWSER.

  3. Have just installed this new UCWeb on a Nokia 5800. It is working smoothly so far. I think Opera needs to sit and take notice of these Chinese authors of UCWeb.

    Like a poster just said, I also think this is the best phone Web Browser I have ever used (first impression:) though). The kinetic scrolling is something to die for on my touchscreen phone. The download manager with pause and resume, the night browsing mode – WAOOO !!

    I once again congratulate Mobility Nigeria for always being on the cutting edge of mobile technology. I was using the Chinese version of this until you guys provided a download link to the Official English version.

    I have been waiting for long (just like for Opera Mobile) for a non-java touchscreen version of UCWeb (been using the touchscreen java version for a while). And here we are! A great New Year gift. Thank you, guys…

  4. I downloaded Ucweb but it doesn’t display a lot of characters and instead uses boxes. Is there an English version?

  5. I’ve downloaded ucweb7, it really looks nice but the i’ve observed that it does not compress as much as opera mini compresses, e.g a mobility nigeria page downloaded at 8kb on operamini was downloaded at about 22kb on ucweb7.

    The ucweb does not have the copy and paste facility. As for me opera mini is still the best mobile browser. I gusses ucweb7 should be compared with opera mobile cos opera mobile also compresses poorly but it has the copy and paste feature.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR MOBINAIJA. This web site has really been an eye opener for me in 2009. I’m now a proud owner of a nokia e63.

  6. @Metamba. Use the link supplied by MobilityNigeria above. Ensure you choose your handset model so as to download the right ENGLISH version. It is a dream browser…

  7. thanks. ucweb’s compression is not as good as opera mini’s. it can be improved by changing the settings on picture quality to micro or low. i think opera is faster bcos of the socket network connection which ucweb lacks. opening new tabs is also easier with opera mini. overall, ithink opera mini is beta than ucweb7

  8. @Kay123, UcWeb has copy & paste! The clipboard facility is actually better implemented than Opera Mini’s! (you can copy multiple items into your clipboard and they PERSIST between sessions). Check again.

    @Metamba, reducing the picture quality (or suppressing graphics entirely) reduces the volume of data downloaded for any browser (not just UCWeb) and speeds it up significantly.

    If the compressing level bothers you (every kobo counts, I know!), experiment with sites like It compresses webpages for mobile phones (with possible loss in quality).

    UCWeb displays the text elements on a page first (before the grafix), thus generally displays faster. It can also be set to prefetch pages (optimized utilization of processor time) while you are viewing a page.

    The socket connection mentioned by someone has always been available as a SELECTable option even in the earlier java versions. I think this new versions just rejects the best option (behind the scene).

    All in all, feature for feature (UcWeb even exports and imports bookmarks locally, supports interruptible downloads, maintains a history in searches, allows the use of multiple search engines, has night browse mode, better page navigation option – PageUp & PageDown, faster kinetic scrolling – on touchscreens), I would give the edge to UCweb (over Opera Mini 5.0).

    There are sites that either diplay poorly (depending on whether you use mobile they or not) or not @ all – on Opera Mini that UC displays perfectly and with APLOMB (e.g & If UCWeb can get the display fonts used to be as aesthetically pleasing as Opera Mini’s, then, it will become my sole Browser of sterling distinction!

    As per speed, UcWeb is like a ‘bat out of hell’!

  9. The UI is amazing. I prefer it to Opera Mini 4. Unfortunately the whole boxes issue doesn’t cut it with me. Also I keep getting logged out on sites like facebook. Opera mini’s compression is far better sha. I’ll just settle with my Opera Mini 4 and Bolt Browser

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