Official Zain Internet Provisioning: Update

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zainI was at a Zain shop this morning on some business. During the course of my stay there, I got to know from a representative that official provisioning/activation for Zain full internet (not WAP) is available for a one-time setup fee of N1, 000 only.

If you are a Zain subscriber and have been having issues with getting full internet access on your line, walk into a Zain shop with N1, 000 to request for activation.


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  1. Wait, i don’t get it. First, they give us for free, then they take it back & ask us to pay for it? Btw, for a while now, my apps (opera,bolt etc) have refused to connect wit the ‘’ apn, except i use the phone’s brower. Could that be the reason?

  2. Ernest,

    WAP is limiting. For example, instant messaging and email applications are usually useless with WAP.

    I’m not sure why Opera (mini) and Bolt should not connect over WAP though. Have you tried changing between “Socket” and “HTTP” in the connection settings for opera Mini?

  3. Yeah, i tried that & every other thing within my power 😉 I’ve been using it for years now, that’s why i’m surprised. I’ll drop by at their office & see wats up anyways (I hate that place).

  4. had same problem running apps on motorola fones. it just stopped workin a few weeks ago. but it runs on sonyericsson fones wit zain wap perfectly

  5. downoad, you need do nothing to use 3G on Zain as long as you are already provisioned for WAP.

    If you do need full internet, head to a Zain outlet with your line and N1, 000 to have that done.

  6. EDGE is simply another acronym for Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS). In non-technical terms, EDGE (EGPRS) improves on GPRS speeds.


    GPRS – General Packet Radio Service (theoretical top speed: 115 Kbit/s)
    EGPRS – Enhanced General Packet Radio Service (theoretical top speed: 384 kbit/s)
    EDGE – Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (different name for EGPRS)

  7. Does anyone knows how to unlock zain eg162g usb modem for use with other network sim, ‘cos there network is giving me a lot of headache 4 the past 7 days or their about, u hardly get connected, even if you get connected, you have to wait 4 long before you get a 10kb page display on your screen. I believe even if there is going to be an upgrade, customers are supposed to be informed. somebody should please help me out of this zain-mess.

  8. man you are really helpin out here. more grease those elbows of yours. well right now i want 2 go try the solutions u gave. take care men

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