OK Golf is not merely OK, it’s fantastic

Posted by EmmyCN

If you love golf and you love mobile games, you’ll definitely want to check out a combination of both things. OK Golf is not real golf in the true sense of the word, but it’s OK. That should be enough, shouldn’t it? Well, that’s what the developers of the game would have us believe.

According to Google Play Store, OK Golf is the essence of golf, refined to a tee. You can play anywhere, anytime, on nice settings inspired by classic golfing destinations. All you need to do is aim, drag the ball and release. You don’t even need a golf club.

For all the pretty descriptions, OK Golf comes with a price tag. It is $2.99 on the Play Store, and you won’t have to worry about in-app purchases and advertisements. You get all future courses for free once you pay for the app. That looks like a good deal. In fact, the game looks a lot more than just OK. It looks fantastic.

OK Golf is available on Google Play Store for $2.99.


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