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Have you ever needed to stand your phone up for an activity – perhaps to watch a movie on it or to make a video recording of your self? A phone stand comes in handy in those scenarios. The OK phone stand is a fun approach to a phone stand mainly because the two claps are designed to resemble the human hand.

OK phone stand front - Ok Stand Phone Holder

Made of plastic (Silicone material, to be precise) and so flexible, and is quite simple to use: stretch it to clasp the hands on the sides of your phone, be it in portrait or landscape mode. For watching videos and movies, landscape mode is preferred, of course.

It is lightweight. And it works fine. It doesn’t look suited for formal work environments though, but if you get one for use at home, your kids will love you – and disturb you. It might be a good idea to get one for their use too.

More OK Phone Stand Photos

Here are a few photographs of the OK phone stand.
OK phone stand rear

OK phone stand side

OK phone stand - top

You can snatch one of these OK stand phone holders from Amazon for about $20. If in Nigeria, you should be able to pick one up for about NGN700. There is a range of colours too, from white, to pink, to purple, depending on your taste.


  1. Something similar came with a phone I bought two years ago on aliexpress. I don’t know where it is now sha, including the phone sef.

  2. Wow this is amazing. Good wish I can get one for my self. It will ease off stress

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