About a month ago, for personal reasons, I made up my mind to stop using my BlackBerry, and instead go all the way with Android

Olamide – My LG Optimus E405 is feeling the heat

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About a month ago, for personal reasons, I made up my mind to stop using my BlackBerry, and instead go all the way with Android (as an intending Android geek). I eventually did, believing that my LG Optimus E405 would be able to serve me pending the time I get a more powerful Android device. It does to a certain extent, but not without some limitations.

The first issue is the memory space. The Optimus E405 has a RAM size of 384 MB and 1GB internal memory. As a lover of apps, I easily exceeded the built in space and so I am unable to download and install as many apps as I want. Right now, I keep having to uninstall one app or the other to be able to install another app.


The Android OS also lags and often when I am running multiple apps, background apps get shut down a lot. Sometimes, things get so bad that I either have to shut down the phone or avoid running certain apps to stabilize the phone.

My biggest challenge is the screen size. The 3.2-inch display is a big issue for me. Using such a small display slows me down when typing and also enhances my ‘Typos’ when I attempt typing fast.

In all, I think that budget Android phones are not made for adventurous and upcoming geeks like me. I will be back here to testify next month when my big Android device eventually arrives. Which device do you think it is?


  1. the physical limitation of the screen size is a pain, all right.

    to think 3.2 inches was considered big just a few years ago!

    one way to get around that is use a font enlarging app like BIG FONT and use landscape mode whenever possible.it is the next best alternative to buying a bigger screened device.

    as to the small RAM size, Android makes it easy to cope. one can always choose apps with lean memory demand.

    there is large pool to choose fron, for almost all categories.

    for a true App Junkie though, yes, you need the biggest RAMmed device, with the biggest Internal Memory.

    For all sizess of screen, Samsung has us covered!

  2. You’re an app junkie so i really don’t know, but would have said get an 8gig memory card and try the dual sim, excellent camera Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 somehow affordable at about 37-39k or thereabouts.

  3. Lammy, let that be a lesson for future Android users – if you are an app junkie, don’t buy a low spec’d Android phone. The lack of internal memory was the main problem I had with my first Android phone to the point where it drove me to distraction.

    From that I realised that, as I have lots of apps, and take lots of photos, future phones would have to be able to handle that. Luckily for you, the replacement will be a Samsung Something but in the meantime, you will have to manage. Think of this as a learning curve (and use the opportunity once you get the replacement to dash the LG to someone!)

  4. . if you are an app junkie, don’t buy a low spec’d Android phone.

    what I could add is, buy an Androidphone running a pre ICS android.

    Those ones, unlike the ICS and above, allow you move some of your apps to SD card, so the paucity of internal memory would not be too significant.

  5. The entry level devices only wets your appetite for android and have you lusting after a bigger advice. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos which I feel like throwing out the window every now and then.The memory is so low that I had to uninstal almost every application It I had earlier installed on it

  6. Having low memory issues on an Android phone can be so so frustrating. Samsung has got your back sha.. with available& upcoming choices.. take your time

  7. @eyebeekay ICS and JB supports moving apps to the SD card, I should know cause I just moved a ton of apps from my device storage to the SD card (built-in SD storage of my S2)

  8. MartinKem , you probably could do that because tour built in Storage is not an external sdCard .

    The NET is replete with discussions on this topic.

    Not encountered this phenomenon practically myself, though..

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  10. Thank for your wonderful comments guys…but i think i will just make my next big android device a surprise,I have learnt my lesson big time, Budget phones are NOT made for geeks and tech saavy peeps like me. So ooo…unto the next one #BOOOOOMMMMM

  11. Surprise, why na 🙁
    Would it be a Galaxy something, a One something, an Optimus something, Xperia something? At least drop a hint.

    Got my mum an LG Optimis Pro C660, I can’t even get her skyoe up and running for 2minutes. The system keeps force-shutting it and she keeps nagging. Doesn’t help that my explanations are Hebrew to her.

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