Older Symbian smartphones get Ovi Store update

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No-one will say that Nokia did not keep their promise of contnual support for Symbian. Ovi Store Version 1.12(5) is being pushed out to older Symbian devices in general.

If you have one of those, expect the updated Store on your device.


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  1. Mine is updated already.

    With the software update, Ovi Store update and Ray Symbian Anna theme; the 5230 looks like a new device.

  2. Been checking for those recent updates git my Nok 5800. While the Ovi update is available (i have not bothered), the firmware update (Nokia rolls out updates (including new browser) to older Symbian smartphones) – is not available via OTA so far…Still waiting for it.

  3. Hello Mr. Yomi – The first smartphone I ever used was Nokia 5800 – the phone is a bomb. I need to upgrade – so I need a phone that will give me exactly what I enjoyed using 5800 – (A nokia phone precisely). I need advice please.

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